Does anyone have any experience with green manure crops? Thought I might give it a try this year! Any suggestions what to plant and when (in Auckland)? What results have people had?

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I like Mustard as a green manure, but then I haven't tried many others, except a bit of Lupin. It's fun when it's mature and you get this volume of green biomass to chop and drop onto the beds. I spread these two seeds at about this time last year, after the summer crops were done, and they did well. We are on Waiheke.

We did put some wheat in as a green manure after harvesting the potatoes at the Blackpool community garden, and that was a week ago.
Hi, thanks for that, a few more questions !! How long do you reckon it took for the crop to all break down? How soon afterwards did you plant in that bed? Good results?
I`m keen to give it a go, and see what happens.



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