Trades/Swaps/Wanted kefir grains, raw milk, sourdough starters etc.....

If anybody has surplus kefir grains, sourdough starters, raw milk etc it would be good to put it up on this discussion page. Then it is all in the one place and easy to find for future reference and newbies looking : ) Cheers!!

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Has anyone got any Water Kefir grains to spare in Nelson? Or keen to talk about fermented foods in general?

Hello I am in Tauranga and have plenty of spare milk keffir, water kefir, kombucha scooby, and caspian sea yoghurt. (really delicious) we also have fresh butter  from our jersey house cow. Also raw milk at the moment.

Hi Jane,

I'm also in Tauranga. Is you butter raw by any chance?  How often do you have raw milk available?


Yes the butter is raw and unsalted.

At the moment we have no milk spare, but you can ring me on  5422257


Hi Jane,

I forgot to ring you last night. I just wondered how is your cow doing, is she better?


Hi, she is well, just with the heat the grass is down so milk production is down. Thus we are only able to provide butter for us at the moment. It takes 2 liters of cream from 10 liters or milk to make 1 pound of butter.

Will keep you posted   Jane

OK sounds good. Thanks.

Hi there I get lovely raw milk from the John's organics shop behind Countdown in Te Puke. You can order and pay through the winiatafarms milk club and it is delivered to John's on a Friday. It is beautiful milk. $5 for 2litres.

Hi Jane, you must be Ally's PORSE friend. I have heard a lot about you. Will have to meet you soon and I have started on my organic produce journey (when I moved to my house last June) but I have so much more to learn and know about. Looking forward to meeting you. Julie

Hi Julie, nice to talk with you. We are also a drop off point for Toms milk. He drops to us after Te Puke every friday.. Look forward to meeting you. I might come for a drive and bring Ali perhaps?


For those interested in creating their own sourdough strains.... Take some freshly milled rye or wheat mixed to a wet paste with either spring water, grape juice or apple juice in a covered bowl to your favorite spot in the in the bush or somewhere natural, take the lid off and place the bowl somewhere safe the leave for 10-15 minutes. Then give a good stir, cover, bring home and let it grow following the standard procedures. I have found that the flavor varies subtly depending on your location. The use of fruit and herbs are well worth experimenting with! Have fun with sourdough!

I've got sourdough starter that ought to be ready on Sunday.


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