Trades/Swaps/Wanted kefir grains, raw milk, sourdough starters etc.....

If anybody has surplus kefir grains, sourdough starters, raw milk etc it would be good to put it up on this discussion page. Then it is all in the one place and easy to find for future reference and newbies looking : ) Cheers!!

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Hi Donna, page 139 in 'Wild Fermentation' has your answer. Best of success! Rene :-)

I seem to have killed off my milk kefir while my raw milk supply dried up over winter. Milk will be starting again next week, so wondered if anyone in the Raglan / Hamilton areas has spare milk kefir grains they could let me have?

Ok, someone has offered me some :)

I am looking for some water kefir grains. Ideally they would be in the Pukekohe/Papakura area but I don't mind travelling a bit further if needs be. Many thanks, Andrew

Looking for spare water kefir grains if you have any?  Don't have a car so can send you a stamp self addressed envelope if you like?

Hi I'm looking for water and milk kefir grains. I'm new to this so I don't have anything I can share, trade or offer. Im happy to pay something or maybe someone in Auckland has plenty and would share? 

I have water kefir grains to give away in Nelson. :)

My milk kefir is going well. It's doubling in size every week, so I can share some. I'm 10 mins from Raglan.

Hello everyone, does anyone have milk kefir grains in Christchurch New Zealand? Will be veeeeeeeery happy to buy or get as a gift :) please email

Water kefir grains - I accidentally tipped most of mine over and off down the sink :(  I'm sure it's done the septic tank a lot of good but meanwhile I am left with less than a tablespoon full and I would love to get it going again a bit faster. If anyone has spare grains in Hamilton or Raglan or in between, I would appreciate it.

Okay, I have an offer from Hamilton :)

Oh, also, I have spare milk kefir grains if anyone in Hamilton / Raglan wants some.



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