I know they grow from cuttings and by suckering- but where can i GET these? I am happy to buy and to pay all costs etc in order to procure a dozencuttings...

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I'll take some cuttings and look and see what seedlings are about.... I

Will sort them and and let you know and we can organise from there, unless of course you have it sorted already.

I was in Marton Garden centre yesterday and they have an Elderberry loaded with ripe berries... Want to take a bag and ask if I can cut them....

Lorraine...is it possible to get cuttings here  without them dying? I remember sending some prunus tree saplings  to a friend in the South Island,I sent them in a cardboard poster tube with wet tissues around them, by fast post. She said they survived.But maybe cuttings would be more fragile?..

I think it should be ok, sorry I have not checked Ooooby for a while, been away.
I have been reading up about sending cutting and if taken and placed in a clearseal plastic bag with dampened paper around the base end they should survive.
What about some seed Teeli,would be easier
I guess you are right , there, Richard. Are they fast growing?... I confess I have never seen an elderberry tree, so i don't know much about them. I love elderberry syrup though, and would like to grow my own..

Also Elderberry make great ground durable posts,have been told 20years,ive got some that have been in the ground for eight years and are showing no sign of rotting.

I'm also growing and trimming up some young trees for posts later

I'm sure I've seen elderberry trees around, but am not sure which ones they are - I kind of know what they look like, but too scared to collect berries etc in case I don't identify it correctly! I think I just need someone to point one out to me, then I'll be away. Any tips on distinguishing from similar looking trees?
IN the south island  (havent really been to the north except on business so cat speak for there) but there is nothing that you can really confuse them with. The tree leaves smell very elderflower if you crush them if that make sense also the twigs of the young branches when you snap them have a sort of foam filling which I don't know of any other tree that has this
cuttinngs should survive fine in the post, just wrap the ends in damp paper and then pop in  a plastic bag before sending. I have had loads of cuttins mailed to me in this way.

I put a few cuttings in the ground and the look like they are taking. I'm in Marton and am happy to connect to share.

It's 10th June today. Hopefully there is life out there at this time of year! Heheehe


Message me your address and I'll send you some.



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