I know they grow from cuttings and by suckering- but where can i GET these? I am happy to buy and to pay all costs etc in order to procure a dozencuttings...

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Hi Emma.... I feel a bit stupid, because I got my cuttings from a kind lady in Auckland! But I can't remember her name... I shall email my daughter who picked them up from her house on my behalf, and see if I can find out who it was. She is a member in here...OH, and also, I found 2 elderberry trees in Palmers Nurser in Rotorua last week..may pay to look there. They were only  $10  each.

I got mine on TradeMe, year before last.I got 2 variegated and 2 plain and after being transplanted several times, (I read they were poisonous to stock?) they have now
taken off in our orchard and I picked the first flowers last week to make Elderflower Cordial.

Hello Group! The year before last I aquired some elderberry cuttings from a lady in Auckland. My daughter who lives there  went and picked them up and brought them down. The problem is, neither of us can remember  who the kind person was....duh.My trees are doing fine and I picked some good berries this year.Someone on oooby has asked for some cuttings and I am happy to send him some when I prune next month, but I thought this lady may have bigger and better cuttings for him, and she is closer to him(he lives in Whangarei)...

I know she lives in the country side near Auckland...



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