I have just been successful in germinating some chickpea seedlings and wondered if anyone had experience and advice on what growing conditions they like?
We live in West Auckland, and I will be growing them in our raised vege garden.
Regards Diane

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As a vegetarian, I'm really keen to grow chickpeas. I live in Te Atatu and would also be growing on a raised bed. How do I start?
Hi, I am also wanting to grow chickpeas and found this link (http://www.urbanorganics.org.nz/node/164) I am going to grow mine from bin inn seeds, let me know how yours grow : )
apparently binn inn seeds are heat treated when they are imported so the germination rate will be fairly low, treasure the ones that do sprout and save some of your homegrown seeds for next year. They like warm conditions, just like most beans
My seedling plants are now planted out in the veg garden and seem to be doing ok. I have found out that they don't like too much water on them when they are flowering. So that might be interesting if we have a wet summer!!
I have a few seeds to share if you are interested; phone me on 027 2789 303. Regards Diane
I start mine by soaking as for growing sprouts, I soak and change water daily. Then as they have swollen I plant in potting mix or garden soil with mix over the top, and they are away!
Just noticed today that they had a few flowers on them. They are still quite small plants. When I googled images of chickpeas they didn't look that large, so time will tell the whole story.



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