Just received a pack of comfrey root in the post from Koanaga and will pot it up this weekend. I was thinking of cutting up the pieces so they are about 1cm long each. Does that sound big enough for the pieces to all grow?



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 Yes, My Comfrey came cut up to one centermeter peices from Koanga Gardens years ago and it grow well!

Great thanks Shona. Maybe I will try even smaller - I want heaps of plants. Not that im greedy mind ;)

They say once you plant it you will always have it so becareful where you put it and it will be very easy to grow more of it! I need to get some too as I've just moved and I had to leave it behind, just hope the lady who bought my last house is an organic gardener or she won't apressiate the large comfrey patch I have in the middle of the back yard garden bank.


Hey Shona, yes I'm well aware of that one. Its just so useful as a nutrient miner that I want it all around my budding food forest.



Yes it certanly is the wonder weed of the organic garden!



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