I have currant cuttings that I stuck into small pots in summer.

They have sprouted a few health leaves each now. See pix attached.

Is it okay to put them in the ground in autumn? Will planting them now disturb them?

Or ought I wait till mid-winter to plant?

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I am the queen of intending to plant things when they're supposed to be planted, then only getting ready to plant them when the season has long passed! It doesn't seem to kill anything, but... if they're happy in their pots it's not that long til mid-winter.

Ive heard it can be desirable to plant out in autumn to help get roots better established before spring growth and summer droughts.

Hi I have also got some blackcurrant cuttings that are about the same stage as yours.  I intend to plant them soon so that they will have time to establish roots before the growing season comes.  I have earlier split them from the one pot, and repotted into individual pots, so that each can get its own root system going and you might want to do this first then let them grow for another month before planting as this will give them a good start. 

Quite for got to update - thanks everyone for your response... they look happy where they are... :-D...



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