When should I stop picking rhubarb dor the season ?  Mine is still growing well and it seems a shame not to enjoy it.

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Keep cutting as long as it grows! It is most definitely a shame not to enjoy it!

It will go a bit dormant during the coldest part of winter - although that depends where you live. It grows best if you cut it back regularly and give it a really good feed of manure afterwards.

If you want to divide the plants - wait until mid-winter. Cut them back to one or two small shoots before lifting then cut through the clumps with a big knife or a sharp spade.
Many thanks David.

Rhubarb prefers animal based manure doesn't it?
I think so. Certainly the traditional fertilizer is horse manure. If you have access to well rotted stable sweepings, you can apply them as a mulch.
Liquid compost or seaweed would probably do good - but might not be enough on its own. They are very nitrogen hungry plants.

Old joke:
One kid says "My dad puts horse manure on his rhubarb". "Oooh!", says the other kid, "in our house we have it with cream and custard." (sorry, couldn't resist sharing)
I think our poor plants have been surviving by pinching fertiliser from neighbouring plants, shall now make sure they get enough food of their own. Loved your joke, had me giggling as I read it.



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