I have recently lost my rhubarb plant and want to replace it, do i grow from seed? or but a new plant?
not sure what to do for the best?


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Hi Shirl, I thought I'd lost my baby rhubarb too, one day I came across it while I was weeding, the wee tuber laying
on top of the soil with a tiny bit of green growth. Mum was going to divide her rhubarb up to give me some. A friend
bought plants from the garden centre but they were over $10. Bit steep. Hope someone you know can divvy up some of
theirs to give you a bit! I've never heard of growing from seed, but I'm sure it could be done.
HI I have grown from seed but takes three years to get some off it, better to divide a clump and then it will establish in one year
I have some here in Greymouth if you can't find any locally
oops just noticed you are in UK!!!



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