Hi, just wanting to know if anybody in NZ is growing/supplying tree collards which apparently are difficult to grow from seed, mainly sold as cuttings, and produce greens all year round.

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Yes i have it and its whats also known as chou daubenton and yes they dont appear to be able to flower in most parts NZ as they need to have a benign climate.

A photo of my plant

Hi, Thanks for the info and the picture, do you know of any nuseries or suppliers that are currently selling this plant?

I would very much doubt that any nursery would stock this so my plan with it is to get as many plants off it and start selling them on trademe,by the end of this season i should have two or three plants if you would like one.

That sounds awsome, just let me know when they are ready i and would be happy to purchase from you. Thanks

Ok get back to me at the end of summer and i will have some plants then.

Will do, Thankyou.

Hi there, any updates on your chou daubenton plant? I am interested in purchasing one too :), Cheers.

Hi, I know this posting is old but I would like to pant maybe 2 tree collards, happy to pay for this difficult to find perennial.

I too am looking for seeds or cuttings for tree collards...help anyone?



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