If any one happens to also be a beekeeper, I can recommend mead as a simple to prepare drink. I have a demi-john of it bubbling away at the moment.


Basic receipe is:


2 kg of honey to approx 5 litres of water, dissolve, cool and then add yeast. 

It will then need to be transfered to a new demi-john every month or so to get the sediment down, and then bottled. It does improve with age. (if you let it). 


This batch is flavoured with some hops to reduce the sweet tastes, but it is worth experimenting with other flavourings (and types of honey as well). 




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that sounds brilliant! are you using a wine yeast? We are new beekeepers and old wine and beer makers. How are you using hops to flavour? thanks!
Yes, I am using a wine yeast. (SN9 premium wine yeast). The hops are fuggles and finishing hops, and what I did was put them in boiling water, extracted a "tea" from them and added that to the mix, rather than adding the hops directly. This mead recipe was last made in the UK and it worked well then.  Now to see how it works out with NZ ingredients



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