This is from the NZ Gardener Mag

1.5 kg cooking apples
5.7 litres cooled boiled water
1kg white sugar
3 Lemons Joyce and grated zest

Place apples in plastic bags and freeze for 3 days
Remove from freezer and let thaw for a couple of hours, until you can chop them into pieces. I chop and add to blender with a little water, peel pips and all.

Put the pulp in a 10 litre plastic bucket, I use a couple of Milton Tabs to clean the bucket first. Add the cold boiled water. Cover with tea towel or plastic lid, leave for 7 days stirring morning and night.

strain juice through muslin cloth, discard pulp and pour back into bucket. Add sugar and lemons. After a day it will begin fizzing, wait a couple of days for the fizzing to die down, then straight and pour into p,astir screw top borrowed, these I also clean with Milton Tabs.

Cider is fit to drink in a week, but the longer you leave it the better it is. Don't fill the bottle to the top leave some room for expandition.

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Yvonne, Thank you so much for this recipe, so simple, and sounds delicious. I have a neighbour with

a very fruitful Apple tree & no interest in using the fruit. I will be knocking on his door in the next few

days, once I've bought the lidded buckets and Milton tablets.

Was this recipe written by Wendyl Nissen? I ask because I was just reading the latest NZ Gardener last

night she made reference to making cider, she also included a couple of wonderful sounding recipes

(simple & delicious-again), they  are for Cherry Brandy and Limoncello.

Take care,




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