I am transferring from a home-made worm composting system using multiple 20 litre plastic buckets to a 3-tier worm farm I have just bought. I have a lot more compost worms than I need for the new system and would like to give some to a suitable person in exchange for their help transferring from the old system to the new one. 

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Darn...I was down Waiupuk yesterday Margaret - would have been delighted to have given you a hand. Won't be back for another 2 or 3 weeks though...that's not much help, is it?

Thanks, Lyn. Sorry, I should have said that the new worm farm is not arriving for a few weeks as the sellers are away on holiday. Any time from after 9 January would suit. No particular hurry except that the farms are in rather a hot place and although they are covered I don't want the worms to get uncomfortable. 

Cool...can stay in touch and sort something out. Would be happy to help.



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