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Sick ducks

Hi I have an urgent issue, I have a duck that is not eating, his poo is white without substance. The duck looks healthy anyway, walks, dont…

Started by Ricardo Oscar Marques

3 Sep 14, 2012
Reply by Ricardo Oscar Marques

Sick Chook

 One of my 2 year old brown shavers is sick chicken  Her symptoms are a bit of diarrohea not eating, not laying, fluffed up, floppy comb an…

Started by Lisa L

2 Sep 10, 2012
Reply by Pamela Bramley-Cordes

Tell me about ducks!

Hey everyone,  We have sold up in town and are in the process of buying an acre. In town we had 3 chooks, and I plan to add to this 3 ducks…

Started by Laine

6 Jul 22, 2012
Reply by Laine

Rattus rattus

Im designing my first coop and wondering if chicken wire will keep rats out. If so what size mesh and does it need to be buried at the base?

Started by Suburban Micro Food Forest

3 Jul 20, 2012
Reply by Kirsten

Crop Bound

Hi, has anyone had success fixing up a chicken that is crop bound? One of my Barnevelders has a squishy bulge in her crop. We have tried fe…

Started by Janine Williams

3 Jul 16, 2012
Reply by Kristen Morse

chook feed

Hi, where does everyone buy their chook feed from? I've been getting large bags from the petstore, wondered if theres a cheaper better opti…

Started by Rudi Brown

3 Jun 29, 2012
Reply by Emma Reynolds

Chickens roosting overnight in trees

Yes or no?????

Started by Amanda Dickens

3 Apr 17, 2012
Reply by Amanda Dickens

Shell less egg

Hello I'm new to this...I have a question. I have a Brown Shaver, her first night in her new home last night and she laid an odd shell less…

Started by AVISS

3 Jan 28, 2012
Reply by AVISS

Blue Shaver - Why not?

Being the renowned expert on chooks that I am, (I have read a book), i am curious to why there is no such thing as a blue shaver. Sort of a…

Started by Nigel Thomson

0 Jan 10, 2012

Hatched last Thursday/Friday

Dad is a Buff orphington, Mothers farmyard mongrels, but the chicks are healthy and appear to have mongrel vigour.  I was given the eggs by…

Started by Kathrina Muller

2 Nov 29, 2011
Reply by josephal



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