Nobody likes mosquitoes and I've been thinking about some natural controls.

The eggs are laid on water. They hatch and the wrigglers live in water for two or three weeks as they grow. Then the third stage, the pupa, also lives in the water. Finally the adults emerge.

We are discourged from leaving stagnant water around the place, as it's an ideal place for the females to lay their eggs. However, if we were to encourage them by leaving bowls of water around, then empty the water (compost heap or garden) every ten days, then that would mean another batch of eggs would die. Surely this would be a great way of reducing the population?

What do people think of that as an idea. It would also be wonderful protein for chooks, I guess, that enjoyed a drink of water - if you had chooks, that is.

Would appreciate some feedback.

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I do this. hadn't thought of giving it to the chickens though!

good to know how many weeks they are in the water, that helps.

Hi Jacqui,

Gotta admit when I first read this I thought 'it's not reducing the population if they weren't going to lay their eggs otherwise' but then I was really struck at how awesome an idea that is to give your chickens. Free protein, as you say. If mosquitoes are in your area then yeah, may as well get them to lay their eggs where you want, and where you can get rid of them easily. Great idea! I'm in an apartment so it doesn't really apply to me directly, but I'll bear that one in mind, and recommend it to others. Nice!


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