I am after any veggie seeds, plants, for families from Refugee backgrounds who are new to New Zealand and other stuggling families trying to set up gardens for the first time in the Auckland region.

Everything concidered.

I can send you self addressed envelopes for seeds etc and plants i can collect in the auckland region.

Also anyone interested in adopting a garden? I find once you get them started its easy to help them maintain. Usually its the starting a garden most families are not sure how to do!

If you are out of Auckland I am sure you also could find families that need support to get started!


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Oh, what a brilliant thing to do!
Hi Angie

I always have too many seedlings as I take good care of them and don't believe in throwing seedlings out when I am thinning out. I also have some organic and/or oganicly grown seeds to give away.
Hi what area are you in?
I am on the Shore in Milford, but work in Parnel if that helps.

Angie Gibbons said:
Hi what area are you in?
Hi Robyn
I saw on one of your post you have chilli from Peru, do you have any spare seeds. The families I am working with LOVE chilies!

Thanks again for the amazing gift! have been looking over it tonight with my class and they have chosen a few seeds already!
Cassava -

Eggplant Intoryi this is a white eggplant that turns yellow as it ripens.

Amaranth - green leaves small growing
Also tonights requests:

Bitter Melon
Snake beans
Spicey Basil Globe




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