Does anyone on ooooby have one of these trees that they wouldn't mind sharing a cutting with me? Happy to trade for preserves and pay postage and packing.

I've emailed Nestlebrae who used to stock the trees but it no longer appears on their exotics list.

Thanks, Megan

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Hello Jacob, I've not managed to source any trees to date.  I was a year too late for the only Tree Crops member who had 10 cultivars, the owner of Nestlebrae used to grow them at his previous property. Be interesting to learn how Juls has got along with importing some from Australia for her parents to grow:)

Sorry for butting in on your discussion Megan.  Does anyone know where I can get a Sassafras tree from?

Regards Katherine

No problem, have you tried all the usual suspects - Nestlebrae; Tree Crops Assn etc?  If you have family or friends in the UK, you could try getting seeds here

Keep us posted on your progress:)

Hello Katherine,

the easiest way to get this quite useless tree is to use Google.

If you would use Google it would tell you:


Andy, one person's weed is another person's sassafras ;)

Thank you for your suggestions and replies. 

Appleton's had only a few trees and sold out and they don't know if they will be growing them again next year.  Have looked up the agroforestry website but am not sure if I could get these seeds into NZ.   Will investigate this and let you know.  Will also look around at some more NZ nurseries.  I did a search a couple of years ago for these trees and couldn't find any growers.

I use sassafras oil on my sheep for flystrike.  It kills maggots very quickly and deters the flies which you can see as you treat the sheep.  Apparently sassafras oil also helps heal the skin however I don't have a comparison to observe if this is so. 


In case anyone's still looking: I see that Subtropica is selling Jujube trees

Thanks Jacob, there are far too many temptations, fortunately our cold winters and lack of a glass house have stopped me spending to much money:)

Thanks Jacob,

I already asked for them.

I have search robots running 24/7 to search any public mention of 'Ziziphus jujuba' in .nz.

Subject: Re: Subtropica Newsletter 2013/2014Hello Andy,
these are seedlings.

On 20/09/2013 1:29 p.m., Andy wrote:
> Hello Pat & Claire,
> On 20/09/13 13:11, Pat & Claire wrote:> Ziziphus jujuba
> I want buy/pay/reserve 2 x Ziziphus jujuba if there fruit clones.
> 'Li', 'Lang', 'So', 'GA-866', etc.
> But I don't want seedlings. A seedling is pointless.
> Jujube / Red date / Chinese date are cultivated since 4000 years.
> It makes no sense to raise seedlings.
> You will not get a fruit that can compete with a 'Li' or 'Lang'.
> It's the same like Apple seedling, you unlikely get a apple you like
> to eat.
> cheers
> Andy

Thanks for pointing that out, Andy.  The thought had crossed my mind but I assumed that they would've thought of that.  Obviously not.  I was about to order some but won't now.

Thanks Andy for saving us from from a disappointment. has the plants


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