Does anyone on ooooby have one of these trees that they wouldn't mind sharing a cutting with me? Happy to trade for preserves and pay postage and packing.

I've emailed Nestlebrae who used to stock the trees but it no longer appears on their exotics list.

Thanks, Megan

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You can buy jujube dried in the korean/chinese shops, don't think they have seeds in them though. My wife calls them korean dates. Never seen a tree for sale though. Let me know how you get on. Your getting a bit exotic megan :) your local Treecroppers might be able to help you

hello Joe, I go through bags of them - they're really good boiled with ginger to make a soothing drink when you have a dry cough. I use a dozen or more in each infusion. They sometimes have seeds in them - they're like an olive pip. Doubt whether they'd be viable tho and as Andy points out, they might not grow true to seed even if I had the patience to wait 15 years for fruit :) Be fun to try growing them though! They're supposed to be frost hardy - they are grown in northern China and Korea gets pretty cold too.  Dieter, the man that Joni suggested I contact also recommended contacting the tree crop organisation so that will be my next call.

Hello Megan,

I've left behind my Jujubes in Germany. :-(

2 x Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba 'GA-866') 1 x Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba 'Lang')

1 x Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba 'Li')

More variety information.

I like them also very much. IMHO they are better than the true date palm (Phoenix dactylifera).

Unfortunately I can't afford to import them to New Zealand.
If one day I get help or enough money I will import them and you can get some plants from me.


how long had you been growing them for? It sounds as though they'd do well in Central Otago - they're hardy enough. Thanks for the interesting link. Yes would be great to get them over here, exactly what's involved?

I grow my one for some years. There where not old enough to fruit.

But I got some fresh Jujube fruits from friends in the EU who breed them since years for a taste test.

Cold is not a issue with Ziziphus jujuba. My one had tolerated -18°C for some days in a row in a quit young state without any damage!
The issue with Ziziphus jujuba is that you need a lot of heat degrees to get ripe fruits.

There is unfortunately no exact heat degrees specification in the scientific literature.

My guess is that they need at last 2000°C in the growing season to get fruits ripe.

That means for Central Otago (approx. average 1100°C) that you need a extra high quality sun trap or better a green house to grow them. My friends in the EU grow them in green houses to get the needed head degrees.

I had my ones imported from the United States by myself, what is quiet challenging.

And even with the relaxed legal situation in the EU is it very expensive in labour and money.

I have good contacts to the Jujube breeder in the U.S. and the EU that are doing export business and the know-how to rear them.

What I need is access to a MAF approved quarantine facility in exchange to know-how or the money to rent a space in a quarantine facility.


I found a named variety in Australia. have 'Li' on the Sample page.
This is the most popular variety for fresh eating.

Import will be still a big problem....


well done! How did you track them down? I wasn't able to figure out how to search the site:( Looks like we have to find someone in Adelaide who's a member and then we just need to figure out how to import the trees here. do you want to pm your number to me and I'll give you a call.

Try Dieter at

he would know

Hi Megan,
just remember that the Chinese have the Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) in culture since approx. 2000 years.
hich means you get probably the same results with seedlings than with apples.
You will most probably ending up with fruits from the seedling tree you don't like to eat.


Hi Megan, I am looking into importing Jujubes from Western Australia to my parents place in Hawkes Bay. Hoperfully enough sun there for ripening fruit. I'm going to be trialing in a couple of places and see how I go.

They are great trees.


Hi Megan,
Juls I haven't found a online offer from Australia for true fruit clone Jujube.
Don't buy some seedlings. That's pointless. You will not get fruits you like to eat.
I recommend you the 'Lang' and 'Li' cultivars. The most common clones.
If you trust the vendor, maybe other like 'GA-866', 'Shanxi Li', 'Sugar cane' or 'So'.
If you can get original fruit clone Jujube, I'm very interested to engage in your import.
I can offer expert knowledge of Ziziphus jujuba and some money for two clones.

I you're willing to go through the hassle of an official import, why not importing from a known trustworthy and skilled (experts in export) U.S. nursery ?

Just wondering how you got on, Megan or Julie (or anyone else)?  Did you manage to source any trees?  I'm planning a new section of garden and am interested in this tree too.


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