To continue on from the comment screen on lemons; freezing juice and zested peel, candied peel etc.
When I made a no sugar christmas cake for my diabetic step father I made my own sugar free peel by drying it in the dehydrator, It quite possibly was not much chop on its own but added that nice peel zing to the cake.

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Lemons: squeezing then freezing the juice works really well. You can either freeze in your ice cube maker and then seal in bags once frozen solid, or you can buy segmented bags specially for freezing juice in at the supermarket.

From Megan: I zest them first and freeze the zest (the cuisinepro microplanes are really efficient, important when you're working through 10kgs of lemons!), then pour the juice into small and jumbo silicon muffin trays which hold 100ml & 200ml respectively.
Make sure you place the tray on a sponge roll tin before pouring in the juice)! Once frozen, turn out into a ziplock bag.
Let me know if you'd like any of my favourite lemon recipes - lemon cheesecake slice, sticky lemon slice, lemon syrup cake, lemon curd, lemon meringue... Am a real lemon fan as you may have gathered. Most of my recipes have a reduced sugar content so they've got a real tang.
Unless you've got a greenhouse, there are only a limited number of areas that lemon trees can grow down here, so while it's not great for food miles, mine get sent to me from "up north" from friends' trees that I know for sure haven't been sprayed.

From Daniel Andrews:I make cordial from frozen juice and zest in freezer bags i use lemonades and grapefuit and tangelos and i still have tons of fruit left to do something with i do 2kg of sugar too 6 juiced lemonades four have the zest grated off i add 30g of citric and tartaric acid and then i add it into a big soup pan and simmer it all up, so the sugar dissolves then i bottle it and let it cool it last for ages in the fridge you just add 3cm into the bottom of a three litre juice bottle and dilute
From Katherine: lemon peel perserve. It uses a lot of sugar though and is a bit fiddly. You use it like dried fruit in cake mixes and you can put it in your museli if you like. The lemon juice could then be frozen. Also you could slice and dehydrate the lemons. I've seen it in shops but I don't know what they use them for.



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