Anyone have any yummy recipes for cavolo nero?  Especially if they are tempting for kids!

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Not sure about the kids.... but I like to saute mine in a little butter or olive oil, add lemon zest (sometimes juice), garlic and chilli. Otherwise I do it in a mediteranean casserole with tomatoes and cannelini beans or in a quick stirfry with whatever else is lying around the garden... could always try it in fritters for the kids with roasted vege and feta?
I like mine the same way as Katherine with garlic, but if the kids need help getting used to the flavour and they eat cabbage mix it half & half . Try it sauteed and add to a fritatta /quiche. Also use it in any recipes which use spinach or silver beet.
Hi, I found if you add enough butter kids will eat most things! also I add mine to pearl barley lamb stew, kids usually like it.
another way is
I wilted it with spinach and silverbeet this evening and put it all together in a layer of lasagne. The flavour is hidden in there with all the other herbs and garlic, and in this case meat sauce. None left - they all went back for seconds!
I love this green!! Though i found it best after rinsing the leafs, to not dry them. The moisture on the leaves when you stir fry them in olive oil, garlic and bit of salt, gives them a better tastes; the moisture also steams them a bit as they stir fry too. Another hint.. take leaves and chop them up finely...before cooking.
I used them instead of regular kale for kale chips - yummy and easy. I used about 1/3 of the oil and vinegar mixture, though - worked beautifully!
I love cavolo nero chips too!

I just toss with a bit of olive oil and sea salt then bake at 180° for about 10 minutes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.
Hi, i learnt a hint from the gardening programme on Maori TV. Crunch it up before you cook it and it takes the bitterness away.
I've been eating the one Angie has been selling at the ooooby stall and it isn't bitter at all. Kings seeds sell it as tree cabbage or cabbage palm correct me if I'm wrong Angie.
My six year old son loves caldo verde: a Portuguese soup with potatoes and cavolo nero. Sauté chopped onions and garlic in olive oil and a bit of butter; add peeled and chopped potatoes, stir a little and then add some good flavoursome stock with some thyme and oregano if you have some in the garden. Let it cook, till potatoes are soft, then purée it into a creamy potato soup. NOW, get a huge bunch of finely chopped cavolo nero, add it to the broth and let it cook for a few minutes. Season to taste. Serve topped with lemon juice/ black pepper/ smoked dried chilli/ grated parmesan/ olive oil (any combination)... and a hunk of good bread. Delicious. We also use cavolo nero blitzed in white sauce as a pasta topping. It is our all time favourite brassica!

I've never found it bitter at all, and yes, it is sold by Kings as cabbage palm tree di Toscana - also black cabbage, or kale lacinato, apparently. (order number 7145).

Sounds delicious Megan, that might be whats for dinner tonight :)

Adults love this bruschetta recipe, it is probably too green and garlicky for children. You can feel the vitamin power (under the olive oil).

And here are a couple of other recipes, including an Italian soup ribollita that I'm keen to try.



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