I am over run with Mint and have been saving a few small jars to make Mint Jelly.  Does anyone have a tried and tested recipes?  Or something similar (mint & apple).  Thanks so much

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hello Sarah,

apple & mint or gooseberry & mint jelly are both really delicious.

Just gather as many apples as you have available, I usually use crab apples, (under ripe thinnings from your tree would be fine) wash & chop in 1/2 or quarters, no need to peel or remove pips, add a huge bunch of mint, cover with water, bring to boil & simmer to a soft pulp.

Strain through a jelly bag (if you don't have one, line the biggest colander that you have with scalded butter muslin), suspend over a pot or bowl to catch the liquid - it needs about 2-3 hours. Measure the liquid and hopefully you will have a couple of litres (it won't be a lot).

I use between 400g to 500g sugar per litre of extract which makes a very soft set but it tastes much better. You can increase the sugar up to 1kg per litre but that's far too sweet for me. The more sugar, the quicker the jelly will set.

Finely shred some more mint leaves and set aside. Place jars in 100C over to sterilise & scald the lids in boiling water & leave to drain on a clean tea towel.

Weigh the sugar and bring the extract to a boil (by the way, only use 1.5l extract per batch, less is fine but more than that and it can be difficult to get a good set).  Add the sugar and stir until well dissolved. Once it comes back to the boil, set the timer for 15 mins. It may take longer but don't over boil or the jelly will be rubbery and have lots of air bubbles.

Plate test to check for setting point or scoop a little jelly into your wooden spoon, tilt it and if the jelly hangs off the edge of the spoon as a little tear drop, it's ready to bottle.  Stir in the shredded mint and pour in the jelly to within 1mm of the top of the jar, screw on the top immediately, turn the jar upside down so that the jelly coats the top of the lid and set to stand undisturbed right way up.

Exactly the same method if you have gooseberries.

Do post a photo of your finished preserves!


Sounds simple enough!!!  How much mint do you think I'll need?  Roughly 2 cups?  I also have some apples here - we're not sure what sort of apples they are not crab apples but some sort of old english variety (used to be an orchard) possibly bramley apples.  Would they work in the receipe?  I'll up load a photo later for you to have a look!!!  Then give it a go tonight :-)
Use as much mint as you like, I don't bother stripping the leaves, just grab a handful, stalks and all. Bramleys wud be good, seems a shame to turn them into jelly. Any tart variety is good for jelly.
you should have just asked ellie, she has some old preserving book that she lent me but she got it the other week when they where here. Hope all is well and the house is still standing!



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