Can anyone in Auckland recommend a good source of topsoil? I'm expecting to have to buy it so I'm looking for the best combination of price and quality. But if anyone can offer some unwanted soil for free, that would be a bonus.

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I got some from Central Landscape and Garden Supplies and they were pleasant to deal with, delivered when they said they would, the soil was relatively weed-free, and IIRC the price was good.

BUT: Although it was great having soil to fill in my new raised bed garden and it was light and fluffy in summer, when the wetness of winter arrived it turned to sludge and grew buttercups like there was no tomorrow! If I was doing the same again I'd rather get a trailer load of Dalton's Mix, or maybe do a 30/70 topsoil/compost mix . You can buy Daltons in bags at Bunnings (40l bag of the budget mix is about $4.50) or get it by the trailer/truckload from a place in Kumeu the name of which has just escaped me. Kumeu Building Supplies? I'll try to find my notes, and post another comment here if I remember.
Thanks, Sean. I should have mentioned that I mainly need the topsoil for lawn areas (our garden was completely ruined by 5 months of builders doing an extension on our house), though upon reflection some of it may be converted to vege beds, so your advice is very useful.
Hi there Andre, I saw a couple on trade me yesterday, in the landscaping section. I think some was free and one that looked to have a few rocks and stuff in it was "I pay you to take away". Worth a look.
Good luck Jeff



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