hey ooby crew

i too am trying to source some raw milk.

if anyone has any advice that would be appreciated.

thanks guys


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I am a raw milk lover and sadly our supply stopped for 2 months because of winter, coming back in September. I can give notice when it start again.
Hey, I am getting raw milk deliveries from Rangiora at the moment. They say its organic but they are not certified and since I know nothing about their hygiene practices I am actually pasturising it myself on the stovetop. I had a saved search on trademe for "organic milk" and a few weeks ago a listing popped up! I don't know whether they are still advertising, they only have 6 cows I think.  They are delivering once a week, tuesday evenings. You could try searching trademe or I might be able to post their details here... I'd better ask if they mind first :)

I was just wondering, I'be been trying to source raw milk as well. I live in Rangiora  ^_^  Could you please ask if it's ok with them if you share their details with me?  Thanks.  (ningnomaningnong7@yahoo.com)

I am interested in getting some raw milk as well that is local to Rangiora or in the not too distant surrounding area. Can you advise if these people still provide milk or if anyone knows of any supplier in the area. I have tried the milk map on cottage crafts but have not had any luck and the nearest I can find is the Village milk in Oxford. No luck on TradeMe either.

All good - today I found a supplier so problem solved.

OK now I know how it works... if you want the contact details of the people supplying raw milk to me, please request me as a friend then I can send you their details. I don't think they want their details posted publically but they say I can hand them out to anyone who is interested.  They live in Rangiora but deliver to Chch Tues and Fri. They have only been doing this for a few weeks and are just testing the market. Please note that as far as I know they are not certified organic (though they claim to be organic) and I don't know anything about their hygiene practises. I actually pasturise the milk myself until I can be more confident of it. I still love the SO creamy milk, and the fact that I'm buying a local and unprocessed product :) Looking forward to hearing from you...

Hi Katie I am interested and have been searching for supply of fresh raw milk for sometime now. Can you please help me in get in touch with the people who are supplying milk in Rangiora. I am new to this site and don't know how to contact you or send you a msg or email you.


PS: I live in Chch. 






Hi Katie,

I am also interested and am in Ashley. Can you please send me the details.


Hey Katie

That sounds epic, if you could send me their details that would great.

Thanks heaps




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