I would like some feedback about the swap stall at the Waitakere New Energy Fare.  We have been fortunate to have this free venue once a month for Ooooby members and others to meet up and swap their produce etc.  People are very receptive to this idea which is really the old barter concept.  Over the last year this was mostly manned by myself offering mostly potted plants for sale, as there wasn't much produce around.  Lorraine Barnett and Helen Docherty and Daniel Andrews have been very supportive also and have brought along things to swap.  Daniel made an Ooooby banner.  Although I have posted the information most months on both the Waitakere & Titirangi sites, few Ooooby members have come to swap or to offer to man the stand, and the general public have good intentions of remembering to bring something to swap, but mostly don't remember.  This month (21 February) I won't be manning it as I am busy preparing for a wedding the following weekend at our property.  Litsa who organises the Fare would love the swap stall to continue, but if it is just me offering plants every month, it is not going to be very interesting.  Now is a time when we all have produce in our vege gardens, so how about getting involved (it's only once a month!).  Litsa is  also considering opening it up to a clothes swap stall, and that would be fun for us ladies anyway.  You always get to meet some lovely like minded people, and to go home with some goodies to eat or plant.  Give Litsa the heads up with your support, or should I say Use it, or Lose It!  Please read other feedback on the Waitakere Members page.  Thanks to those Titirangi members who have responded via that page.

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Hey Fiona ! :)))

Thanks so much for your support and contribution to the Fare, the spirit of swapping, and the Ooooby group.

My intentions are to keep the swap stall going...and I would dearly love to have a local group use it as a model for local sustainability, where by, they come together to to swap and or give away "things, produce, plants, stuff" ; among themselves and the broader community; with the aim of maximizing reuse and minimizing waste.

I have many ideas about how this space could be used, and I would like to know if this group see potential in a space such as this?

Warm Regards
I share your views totally Fiona. Although I have supported the OOOOBY stall, I have wondered if it has been worth it and as you say, it's only going to be really worthwhile if lots of people bring stuff to swap. I can't help this Sunday as we have the grand children staying with us for the weekend - but if it does continue, I'd be happy to do an hour or so in the future.
Best wihses - Helen
Thanks for your support Helen.



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