does anyone have any idea on how to ferment foods ?
I know how to make ginerbeer and have found a wonderful video on youtube that take me step by step through it...but i would luv to know how to ferment other foods unfortunately the only that comes to mind is saurkraut and my family point blank refuse to eat I am looking for other recipes for fermenting various food items...

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Get Kays book, change of Heart.

Hi Linda
there is a very informative discussion on lacto fermenting in the group Preserving Your Surplus with links to recipes etc.

I got this from the library
I am awaiting my new copy of nourishing traditions, ordered it from which had the cheapest price I've seen in nz for new
Check out the book Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz.
well my nourishing book arrived, have had a few browses through it, it has turned some of my habits on their head already, thinking I was a good mum I never buy packaged cereals and have made toasted muesli for my family regularly, now she says its indigestable because its dry roasted...she says to presoak and add a couple tbsp of whey or yoghurt or lemonjuice or vinegar to the water to ferment oats etc prior to making them into porridge. Well shall I get that organised as to prefabricate breakfast the night before? maybe.
Hi Kali
I have found its all about routine, Kay Baxters book indicates a daily process. It does not take alot of time you just need remember to do it.
I have just started making water kefir. It is good. Along the same lines as ginger beer as has plenty of ginger in it. It is great. You may be able to give it to the kids? Mine is 17 yrs and wary of my adventures these days.
Its worth persevering with the sauerkraut, I started making some last year and it was so good that I've bought a fermenter for it.

There's another kind of fermentation worth trying and that is long fermentation bread. I make all our bread and either ferment a sponge overnight or make a fully fermented crusty loaf where the whole flour is fermented for about 18 hours, utterly beautiful and, I suspect, more digestible than anything that just blows up the yeast with sugar.

Another thing; this is not just about being a good parent, its about using land and water and other resources responsibly to live in closer relationships with the things that make life possible.

fermenting is a low energy form of storage so keep it up.
Hi Earl
Would love this recipe for the bread!
Also still need to ararnge a time to come visit, I now have spare time!
Hi Earl,
I would also love your bread recipe sounds great, I'm not having much luck with sourdough starters!
See if you can find "Nourishing Traditions" at your local library. It has a lot of information.



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