Hi All

Just wondering if people may be able to share there "How to make home cleaning products" recipes with me.

Clothes wash

Floor wash

Table polish

Soap (husband has sensitive skin)

Oven Cleaner (and by god my oven needs cleaning

A bathroom cleaner/loo cleaner.

Thanks heaps.


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Clothes wash I use soapnuts
Toilet 1 cup of baking soda 1 c of vinegar, leave over night and scrub clean in am
Bathroom paste of water and baking soda
Polish oil, lemon essential oil
Soap haven't done this one yet
Floor still using up my ajax

Hope this helps

Hi Rachel - I use the same basic mix for floor wash, bathroom/loo and general surface kitchen cleaner. Half a cup of vinegar mixed with 2 litres of water. For the kitchen mix (floors/benches/cupboards and appliance surfaces), I add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil - this helps repel ants. For the bathroom/loo mix, I add a few drops of lavender oil...but any of your own preference will do. For cleaning windows, omit the essential oil.

My washing powder is the following - 2 cups washing soda, 1 cup bicarbonate of soda, 1 cup borax (optional) and 1 bar lemon scented plain soap (like sunlight - cheaper at Bin Inn). I grate the soap, then run the soap flakes and washing soda through the blender. Put all ingredients into a clean dry bucket and stir with an implement kept ONLY for the purpose (I put this in the back of my laundry cupboard, out of harms way). Put mixed contents into an airtight container or large ziplock bag. I use about 1/4 cup per load of washing - lasts ages and is really cheap to make.

For wooden furniture polish I use a mix of 3/4 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a few drops of lemon essential oil. Mix well and store in a spray container in a cool, dark place. And guess what? You can even use it on your salads!

I don't often use the large oven, I have a bench top one. I HATE oven cleaning - large OR small! So I cover my foods where possible, to avoid having to clean the oven often.  To keep my oven/s nice and clean, a quick wipe out with exactly the same solution as I use on all my other kitchen surfaces - the water and vinegar one.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other people use - should be a fun thread :)

wow thanks for all that!!!! will have to give it a try, am not a domestic goddess at all and hate the price of cleaning products in the supermarkets, plus being on a septic tank all the "clean green" ones are so so expensive. Wicked.

Question where do you get borax? Will have to google it and see if good for septic tank.


Can get borax at Bin Inn - it's not vital for the recipe though, if you wish to leave it out (it IS the most expensive ingredient, so sometimes I just leave it out) - all other ingredients are really quite cheap, making it a good way to save money

Thanks for that , will be leaving the borax out as there is no Bin Inn out in Hicksville so that save that problem. Hmmmmm going out tomorrow to get myself sorted for my home cleaning products.


For general cleaning and laundry I use similar recipes to the above - for oven cleaning I mix equal quantities of baking soda and washing soda together - put this on the bottom of the oven and spray till damp with water - you can then kind of scrub it up the walls a bit - leave it overnight then wash it out the next day.  For soap I make a pure olive oil castille soap - if you just google "cold process castille soap" you'll find a recipe - the only really hard thing to find is the lye - most of the drain cleaner in NZ is not 100% caustic soda - some pharmacies will order it in for you though and you can always get it on trade me.    My recipe is

1.4 litres olive oil
177g sodium hydroxide
414 ml water

- the basic method is to add the casutic soda to the water (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND) - let this cool down to 38 degrees and warm the oil to the same temp then mix the two together and stir and stir and stir till it traces - have a look at some recipes on you tube this will all make sense - its really easy the only hard part is finding the caustic soda.  This recipe makes me about 12 bars of soap.

On the borax note - I get mine from Bulk savings in Mt Eden and its not that expensive at all - you can also get it at pharmacies but its always super expensive there.

Lye or sodium hydroxide can be purchased from Soapcraft .co.nz
Does anyone make they own dish washing liquid? I have used liquid soapnuts but with no suds you can see how quickly the water gets dirty and the money I savemI use in hot water. Sadly no dishwasher until we settle.

I just make a basic liquid castille soap which I then use for dishes - and laundry when I run out of laundry liquuid and I add it to the water I wash the floors with too - I pretty much use it for anything that needs cleaning.... most cleaning products you make though will not suds up like commercial ones as they don't have all the additives - which I kind of why I make them - I'm really more concerned about the chemicals than the cost.


Hay Rach. Go on to The Good Morning web site. This morn they had the lady on thats right into all that. I think shes "pig tits and vinegar" or something like that.Think she lives somewhere up your way and she milks cows for a living. Any way she strated making all her own cleaning, toothpaste etc a few years ago and with the money she saved from the super she was able to by her first house..

P.S how did ya go on the lemon grass?


I use baking soda to clean the sink and bath, just make to paste and I dab the cloth in and rub the surface of the basin and bath. works well. Also have used in oven however it does leave white marks when it dries. wipes of though. 

Oven? Oven? what's that? LOL I clean the oven once every 2 years (no, it's not dirty! LOL). When I use the oven to cook, I cover all my food. I don't 'open cook' anything, so I don't get much grime. When I DO have to clean the oven (as I said, not often...cos I HATE doing it!) then its a quick wipe with a baking soda paste, like the others have said. I leave it (sometimes for a day or two, cos I HATE cleaning the oven! LOL) and then just wipe it off with a warm wet cloth. Covering the food while it's cooking, and giving a quick wipe after the oven has cooled down a little prevents having to clean the oven with hefty cleaners and making it a hard job. Have I said that I HATE cleaning ovens? :)



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