I know I have no members here yet, but here's a little intro if you are thinking about joining.
I'm vegetarian, I was a vegetarian for 5 years before my first born was about 1. However I changed back to consuming meat as I was finding it hard to cook vegetarian & meats meals as my son & husband were not vegetarian. However 6 months ago I decided to make the change again. I am the only one in my family taking on the challenge though.

Many years ago I used to write a recipe page in a local magazine, so I am keen to dig out those recipes and create more to share.

If you are thinking about becoming vegetarian, but don't quite know where to start please message me and I will try to help out.

Many people are becoming vegetarian not only because they love animals and for ethical and moral reasons, but also because it's healthy, economical and sustainable.


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Hi Mel... I've just joined tonight, and read your post about becoming vegetarian. I'm not vegetarian, but I love vegetarian recipes, and I find I tend to skip meat quite a lot anyway. However, I would love some tips on creating a balanced, wholesome, nutritious diet without meat. I do eat eggs and some dairy. I feel I need to change some things to gain a better grasp on my health. I look forward to hearing from you. Namaste, Lynn
Hi Lynn,

Welcome and good on you for taking a honest interest in healthier eating. I am quite busy with work and family these days, but I do intend to give you some advice. Hopefully over the weekend I can write some more.

Love & Light,
Hi I joined Ooooby a month or so ago but haven't really looked around. I've been vege for ten years (!!) second time round. Ihave two sons aged 6 & 7, who are both life vegetarians. Nice to know there's some others around. I just posted a wee rave and link on the Vege Families chat group I belong too so maybe some mose will show up soon? Anyway, nice to meet you Mel and thanks for the group,
E Noho ra, Stefanie
Hi I have been a vegetarian for 3 years now and love the food I eat. I grow what I can and get better each year as I have joined a local gardening club which has a lot of experienced vegie gardeners. Water restrictions are hard in Western Australia so I am composting and mulching to try & help. Will have to look at water tanks soon but cost is prohibitive. Happy to share recipices if someone can show me how to add an attachment!
I am slowly tyurning more and more to bvegetables as a staple rather then a side dish. I luv pasta and rice and vegetables fruits and nuts...but have no idea how to combine all of it into a tasty dish that anyone can eat. My family are big meat eaters but i am not. i hoping to learn how to do vegetarian meals.



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