what is the differance between worm tea and worm wee and the leachade. do you use the liguid the same or use it other ways and can the liquid in the bottom bin can it be used straight

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Leachate and worm wee is the liquid that gathers at the bottom of the worm bin. Worm tea is castings soaked in water. All are good liquid fertilisers, just dilute to a light tea colour and water your plants:)

as far as I am aware as the owner of a worm farm, they are all pretty much the same.  It should look like weak tea when you put it on the garden so depending on what you get out of your farm depends on how much you need to dilute.  when I buy worm wee-tea-leachate from the school its dark brown and have to dilute heaps, mine comes out like weak tea anyway so use it straight mostly.  I never need to soak the castings in water as the rain does the same job for me, even though it has a lid, so it all comes out the bottom...

I agree with Donna, people use these terms interchangeably. Note that in terms of dilution 1:10 is usually recommended but that's just a general rule because your worm tea "mother" can change quite a lot in concentration to begin with.

If you take a bit of soil, (handful) add it to the worm tea and oxygenate it with say an air compressor for ~24 hours, it selectively develops the aerobic soil bacteria in your soil which in turn will increase the effect of worm tea alone for growth promotion.



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