I a working on a project to gather as much information on the existing
community gardens and plans to implement more and gather as much information as
I can on the topic, what works well , what didn't, why not.

So I'd be keen to hear from anyone who would have an interest in helping me as
ideally Id like to achieve this across the wider Wellington region. Also very
keen to hear from experienced gardeners/permaculture/hydroponics, project
management, who would be prepared to share their skills and knowledge.  I am compiling a database of  all community gardens I can find out about and working to publicize them. I'm trying also to setup a support network so existing gardens can post any needs or problems the wider community can help with. There are many areas that don't currently have access to a Garden and so I'm trying to find ways to start new ones. My intention is once this is fully established in Wellington to pick up the learning's and replicate /support throughout the rest of the country.

I'd like to build a database of who is interested, where they are to connect up interested parties to achieve their goals or hook into existing network structures and support organizations.

My ultimate goals would be for the majority in this country to have access to primary organic food done in the most sustainable manner with water reclamation and utilizing the best technologies to maximize any food production. Then I'd like to move onto other projects like power self sufficiency and electric car conversions :)

So id appreciate any and all input towards these goals!

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plants for a future has recently upgraded their website and its now AMAZING!!! extensive search functions etc.
I am working on a Masters research project on health and community gardens. As a result I have been tracking down many of the gardens in the Wellington area. I have still not found them all but can provide you with the information I have collected about what gardens exist or are planned.
Fantastic! that would be wonderful. Do you know if they are happy for their details to be made public some might be kinda private community gardens.
Most of the ones I have found are widely advertised. There are some shared gardens that are may want to keep their details private - but often there is a group co-coordinating the linkages, such as the Mount Victoria Transitions Town group. I'm still compiling information and finding new gardens but we should keep in touch with each other about what we find. I would particularly like to know if you find any gardens in the Wellington area that have received funding from the health sector.


How is your project going? I know there are plans for a community orchard in Newlands and hopefully a community garden too!


Hi Andrew

Keen to know where you have got to with you project



Well we have a garden established and we are setting up an incorporated society called growise which I believe we are aiming to be in place by end of March. There is a nearby suburb also waning to setup an orchard/vege garden and consideration being given to do so under the growise umbrella organisation...

So ticking along.. Just not as many interested people as I had hoped. This probaly gets down to need tp spread awareness of what we are doing and trying to achieve.




We found putting out an article in one of the local community newspapers was the best way to get the word out  - most of our responses came from this avenue, in fact.
Hi Andrew, a group of us are starting a community garden in Johnsonville.  Very early days, but you can keep updated on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Johnsonville-Community-Garden/1877271... on how we're getting on!

Hi Andrew, I would be interested in looking at your Wellington list if you have one. cheers Kate



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