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Queen gives green-minded son gardening award

LONDON (AP) — Prince Charles, an avid gardener and environmentalist, has received Britain's top gardening award from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Victoria Medal of Honor is the highest accolade the Royal Horticultural Society bestows. Only 63 horticulturists can hold it at any time — a tribute to the 63 years of Queen Victoria's… Continue

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Why Backyard Chickens Are a Trend

by Carol Ann Sayle

In the early part of the twentieth century, my grandmother had chickens pecking around her farm house at her tenant cotton farm. She loved them. My mother, her daughter, in the antiseptic 1950s--our dog and cat were not allowed in the house--out of nostalgia perhaps, allowed us kids a trio of brightly colored Leghorn chicks for… Continue

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Shallot Bulbs for planting now - anyone have any?

I have been searching for shallot bulbs to plant now but cant find any yet. Perhaps a little early? Doeas anyone have anyone to sell? I am happy to pay postage. I would like about 20-30 if possible.

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Elephant garlic

It’s time to plant garlic in Wellington. If you fancy a change, try planting some elephant garlic at the same time. It’s larger and milder than ordinary garlic. It’s said not to keep as well, but this is a recent photo of both types I dug earlier in the year and neither has deteriorated yet.

You can sow broad beans now too. It will… Continue

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Corn Porridge

I've just finished two small plates of porridge. The first my mouth was filled with chaff, so I put the flour through the processor and it's really nice . Sweet - added a tiny pinch of salt- and creamy with just a little roughage. I'll be growing that corn again!!

Added by Robyn Wolfe on May 18, 2009 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

A bank you can really count on

By Permaculture Pathways

The Federal Government is sending us all a cheque for $900 – yippy!

It’s to stimulate the economy – but we’re putting ours in the bank.

A seed bank that is – we’re going to set up a seed saving system space and build a wonderful propagation house with our stimulus package. We’ll use the money to buy all the stuff we… Continue

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16 May

I 'de-kerneled' the corn and ground two kinds of corn. One will be used for making bread etc, the one pictured is for porridge and polenta. It is called Hokianga Red/Yellow. 80% of the cobs are golden yellow the rest a burnished red/brown.

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Talk to Me: Dan Barber and the Locavore Movement

By WNYC Culture

The word “locavore” was coined in 2005 and selected as “Word of the Year” in 2007 by the New Oxford Dictionary. It describes a person who actively seeks out locally produced food.

Many foodies believe that local food can be better for you — and the planet — than organic foods. Part of the rationale is the carbon… Continue

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The buzz on backyard bee-keeping

By Sonya of Permaculture Pathways

One key thing missing from our little farm is our own bee hives.

This is something I intend to remedy soon – plans are afoot to get a couple of hives and for me to learn the art of bee-keeping.

Bees would be a wonderful addition for many reasons;

Honey! We love honey and we use lots of… Continue

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This is a good article on Transition experience by the editor of Elle

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My Grandma's Rose Garden

One of the things that I learned from Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Secret Garden" is every lovely garden has a story. In my case, I remember how my grandmother's garden distracted me from finishing my research paper.

Maybe it was coincidence that my grandma was tending on her rose garden whenever I have a deadline to meet. Or that I can't…


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Today I planted the garlic and shallots. It was the last day according to the moon calender for this month. I used the ground that had grown the sweet corn. Before I planted the corn I smothered the …

Today I planted the garlic and shallots. It was the last day according to the moon calender for this month.
I used the ground that had grown the sweet corn. Before I planted the corn I smothered the area with chicken manure about 3cm thick and the corn grew beautifully. Last week I threw all the grass clippings and leaves on to the site to make a thick blanket to stop the weeds, and today the cloves went in right down to the soil. We'll see if that has worked well. Continue

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Ooooby's Google Analytics

Ooooby was launched in the 17th Dec. This graph shows the results from our first 5 months of life. Please let us know if there is anything we could be doing to improve our results.… Continue

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Landslide Community Urban Farm

Landslide radical community farm is located in the Hill District of Pittsburgh PA and has been working hard on expanding it's amazing urban permaculture and community efforts this spring. See more at: punk rock permaculture… Continue

Added by Gaia Punk on May 13, 2009 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Is Congress killing the organic farm?

Two bills designed to stop outbreaks of food-borne illnesses could mean big trouble for small farms.

By Robynne Boyd

When food as benign as spinach turns deadly, it may be time to revamp the country's food-safety regulations. The catch? Ensuring that small-scale farmers don't topple under new regulatory red… Continue

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Fresh Movie Trailer

This trailer alone gives me hope that we can change our relationship with…

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Grey Lynn Ooooby Workshop - Sat 23rd May

This workshop will cover how growing your own vegetable garden can be so rewarding, and so easy! It will take you through a step by step process of how to start your winter vegetable garden and some very valuable information on pests and composting etc.

Every participant will leave the workshop with sowed seeds to start their very own vegetable garden!

Date: 23rd May

Time: 10-11.45am

Location: Grey Lynn Community Centre.… Continue

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free meat

well - we don't just eat vege's - we're econivores, so that includes meat too.

I've just plucked and cooked wild duck. It was all ok until I had to take out the intestines -ooohhhh!!!

Tomorrow I'm giving braun a try. If the family don't like it then my nana says she will eat it.

I'm getting an organic pigs head for $2 so its cheap eating with a victorian recipe.

I'm also picking up beef bones and chicken carcases that they would normally throw away for making… Continue

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