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The best of british

Funny what you remember when you busy yourself in a garden, on a cold Sunday, prepping things for the arrival of spring. Hauling out a clump of weeds from the raised bed, I suddenly remembered an event from 1983 and burst out laughing. My wife - and my dog - looked at me, strange. I recounted the reason for the mirth, but only the dog really listened. (My wife hated name-dropping, but for this yarn, there is no avoiding… Continue

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Embraceable August

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Summer review and plans for this summer

This is a little late, but after feeling inspired to plan my summer garden the other day, I realized I needed to think back on what worked and what didn't last summer.

So, I planted my peas early this year...seed sewn in August. This worked well. I didn't give them a high enough climbing frame though. The wire I provided was about 40cm high. They really needed a metre+.

I sewed seed for tomatoes and capsicums earlier as well, begining of September, but still didn't get tomatoes till… Continue

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I've been thinking...there are a lot of us on ooooby now which means we must have some buying power....

I imagine that many of us aim for similar things. Say water harvesting

and recycling for example. I would like to harvest some of this rain we

are having here in Auckland for my summer watering and I really like

this range of corrugated iron tanks from Tanks Alot.

They have plastic ones too and are slim enough for those of use living on smaller sites.

I also really like the idea… Continue

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A Vision for our Future

What is out there? What determines how it will unfold?

My own experience of life is that by putting my attention on imagining of a future scenario, I can literally create an experience of that very scenario. We do it all the time. We imagine an event and then we use our imagination to map out a set of activities which will…


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World Kitchen Garden Day August 22nd 2010

Kitchen Gardeners International started as a forum for getting together with people growing food, in their home gardens, all over the world. Every now and then someone would throw in something controversial and all kinds of people would discuss and argue and it was a lot of fun!…

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Open Source Ecology - Resilient Communities

I came across Marcin recently via a talk given by…


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Most Healthy Glycemic Index Recipes

Vegan Cookbooks associated with Low Glycemic Index Recipes, Easy and effective ways to improve your diet, Low Calorie and Less Sugar Content.

Do you know that vegan recipes doesn't use food preservatives and other chemicals? Processed foods usually contains huge amount of sugar that will of course hurt our diet. Vegan recipes uses a great deal of spice, it is a highly effective way in giving us more nutrition and disease fighting chemicals. So we can assume that all recipes in a vegan… Continue

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Food security - Russian wheatfields on fire.

Whatever your position on climate change, there is no arguing with the changing picture of food production.

Australia, once a massive grain exporter is now a net importer and now a Russian heatwave is causing alarm, not so much about hunger as about the political discomforts of food riots as experienced a couple of years ago. Global Wheat Shortage Feared

Wheat prices…

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Graeme shows us the Box plans.

Graeme is showing the Ooooby crew plans and

drawings for the Box. Ooooh it's exciting....

Added by Pete Russell on August 1, 2010 at 5:05pm — 3 Comments

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