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Edible Gardens, HI Lux Style

By Janice Crowl

In the photo above is an edible flower, butterfly pea, Clitoria ternatea, that adds a splash of bright color with edible flowers and pods in Tom's sustainable garden. Cabbage and amaranth are just a couple of wonders growing in Mayumi's lovely mandala garden.

To eat well, it's best to learn how to grow well. Hope… Continue

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Food Sustainability - Part 1: Food Storage


Food storage can be used for long and short term planning. Having the right amount of food stored can provide us with enough supply in case that for some reason we are temporarily away from our regular food supply.

You can buy the food already prepared for long term storing or you can do it by yourself by drying fruits, appropriate food canning, etc.

Before obtaining the food… Continue

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Borage is one of my favourite herbs. I always have it growing in my garden. Once Borage is planted in the garden it will self sow forever, but it isn't a thug-it's easy to pull out any unwanted seedlings and they'll break down quickly in the compost.

Borage has an ancient reputation as the happiness herb. The first… Continue

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White House Veggie Garden

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Planting Fruit Tree Cuttings

The other day I was privy to the Alan Jarvie method of planting fruit tree cuttings.

From memory it goes something like this. Comment below if corrections need to be made.…


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Green Roofs and Aquaponics

I went to a talk at the Kenmore Transition Towns group tonight featuring Green Roofs. The basic idea is to grow stuff on your roof to increase insulation as well as general urban greenery. Food production is also an option. The speaker, Geoff Wilson, is also a big fan of aquaponics, a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. An… Continue

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And away we go...

the eagerly awaited seed from the seed exchange arrived along with some fine weekends so things are off to a good start in the garden. I have many seeds started in my 'potting shed' van in the back yard, and have cleared some patches to start other things soon. It will be war on slugs and snails very soon, my arch nemesises ( nemesi?) As usual I will have far too many seedlings so will be giving them away left right and centre and my greenhouse is never big enough for all the tomatoes i want to… Continue

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Ooooby-versity, HUddersfield. Meeting September 15th 2009

Dave told us that the two ladies from the Longwood branch of Incredible Edibles are very interested in coming along to one of our meetings and would like to meet us all. Marie-Claire said she will contact them and sort out a date.

He also said that Paddy Walsh from the garden centre is donating a box of seeds to us of both veg and plants. They are unsold stock and would normally be sent back and a credit note given, however Thompson and Morgan said he could donate them to us and they would… Continue

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First in, first served?

I have a few seeds of a Peruvian chili...well, that's what I've been told. All I know is that it is a perennial and very hot. In the right climate it could be used as a hedge. Tokoroa is not the climate so I give them a chance in a much warmer - north - place. Any one interested?

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Garden Thymes

Garden Journal Notes & Scribbles

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A Party for Local Farming and Locally Grown Food


Jennifer Small and Michael Yezzi, the husband-and-wife proprietors of Flying Pigs Farm, which raises rare breeds of pigs that roam around 150 acres in Shushan, N.Y., near Saratoga, made an extra stop Saturday night on their way back… Continue

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Winter Garden Review

I was determined this year to grow a winter garden. I planned to plant Kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots, leeks, beetroot, swede, kohl rabi, silverbeet, pak choi, peas and onions.

The spinach, silverbeet and pak choi that I planted in February did well. I planted 6 each of the spinach and silverbeet and a 'bundle' of about 10-12 pak choi. This was enough to feed the rabbit, or to have with a couple of meals a week. I will plant more next year.

The peas didn't grow..I thought they did… Continue

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More land needed to meet allotment need

Land owned by the Royal Family, local authorities and large businesses should be handed to the public to be used as allotments, an independent think tank said today.

The New Local Government Network, which aims to advise councils on new ideas, said around 3,500 hectares (8,650 acres) of brownfield land was currently available across the country.

It called on ministers to "dramatically expand the number of public allotments" through… Continue

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Back to normal?

After arriving home from nearly 7 weeks holiday, the seed planting started but I've had a week out as my husband had a heart attack and had stents inserted. Lucky man - got home first!

I have planted about 15 types of flower seeds, trying to emulate some of the fantastic floral displays I saw in the streets of Rustington. Planted the first of the tomatoes in small pots and they're on the window sill in a sunny place.Will put eggplant and peppers in similar position. Tomorrow will be the… Continue

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Today I am harvesting the first of my mesclun mix. The garden is looking pretty good, and the seeds are coming along fine, apart from salsify, celeriac and celery. I have been and bought some celery and celeriac seedlings instead, and will try the seeds again next month. The peas and some of the beans are up and I have prepared another 32 sq feet bed where some overcrowded shrubs were, for the pumpkins, squash and watermelon.

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courgette or pumpkin

Well well, my garden is heading towards winter and to be honest, I could have done better this year.

Nevermind, I got some stuff out of it.

At some point I bought small plants at the Hidden Gardens and two of them were labelled courgettes. Neither of them were what I expected, but interesting nonetheless. I've asked on my blog what this yellow round fruit on a plant that looks like a courgette may be, it's got a tough skin like a pumpkin, the flower and plant were like a courgette,… Continue

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Boiling water poured straite from the kettle is the perfect weed killer it kills the weeds naturally and the root is killed also.

Simple pour a small amount of boiling water directly in the center of the plant. In half an hour it will have truned black in the center of the weed. its dead forget about it untill the colour has gone so the damage will travel to the whole plant, them pull it out. GONE, NEVER COMING BACK. I have always used this method to get rid of prickels expeserly the ones… Continue

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The Klaus Chook House

I dropped around to Klaus' house recently and discovered a fabulous new invention of his. It is an elegant (pleasingly ingenious and simple) chook house.…


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A New Food Garden

I've been thinking about this one for a while. It's taken three years to get to here, but now that I've got a definite vision it's quite exciting for me! The basic idea is that it is a sub-tropical 'food forest' style garden, designed with permacultural ideals in mind. So inputs should be minimal with mulch and fertiliser provided as part of the garden.

The site is less than ideal, being south facing, poorly drained, classic… Continue

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Ooooby-versity, Huddersfield. Meeting 7th September, 2009

Our guest speaker for tonight was going to be Graham Mitchell of the Green Valley Grocer co-op in Slaithwaite, but unfortunately he couldn't make it, but has promised us he will make it to another meeting in the near future.

Mr Brian Storey stood in for him at short notice...thanks Brian.

He spoke to us about seed collecting.

Any flower or vegetable has to have a seed, as such we can collect them and save ourselves from paying astronomical prices in shops, so why not collect our… Continue

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