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Clearing more space

Yep...exactly that! Clearing more space. Such a small area I have with this wee flat, but most of what was here before needs to go to make way for food...vegetables, fruit, herbs. I won't be touching the larger shrubs/trees, but I have taken out the small ones (and recycled, where possible) and a large conifer will be removed when the vegetables around it are finished...about February. So today I have been clearing more space along the side fence. There's plenty of work to do before it's… Continue

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Rain's stopped

YAY! The garden has had a very deep soaking for the past 4 or 5 days, and is thriving well. Now that the rain has stopped, though, it's nice to be able to do some work on the garden itself. I have removed the spent sugar snap pea vines, spinach and broad leafed cress which bolted. I picked some veges for myself and for M.E., and that's left some gaps in the garden too. I've trowelled those squares over and will top up with compost and replant during the week. The yellow beans (black seeds) are… Continue

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The past couple of days, though not productive IN the garden, due to rain and cold weather, have been very productive in acquiring accessories to and for the garden. I have purchased, for $1 each, a couple of white hand basins, complete with taps and they're going to look great, planted up and placed in the garden. I will do the same with a stainless steel laundry sink, when it arrives...that will be either for/to contain my angelica...or for watercress, I haven't decided yet. And again,… Continue

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Too hot to work

Today was a scorcher early in the day...30C by 10am! It was too hot to work in the garden, so most had to wait until sundown, when it was a little cooler. Removed more bolted celery...left just one for seed saving. Will do the same with celeriac. Light weeding around the bush tomatoes. Netting around the currants...birds like them! I've decided where to plant that currant bush now, so it can go in this week. Picked more herbs. Planted Gotu Kola (pennywort). The new comfrey plant is doing great,… Continue

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I've spent some time relieving the large tomato plants of some of their leaves, partially so that the goodness in the soil can go into the fruit, partly because it was difficult to walk the path for the jungle! The bolted celery is nearly all picked, and same with the celeriac, so I'll soon have another 5 squares to plant into YAY! I said I wasn't going to grow brassicas, but this week I planted 4 broccoli seedlings...I'll see how it goes. There's little weeding to do in my almost self-care… Continue

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Long time, no post!

Oops...been a couple of weeks and I keep forgetting to come here. Most of my posts go into the 'What are you doing' thread! hehe So, in the past couple of weeks I have done a lot in the garden, taken a lot from the garden, and replaced quite a bit in the garden. Been a busy time, and it's not summer yet! The garden is just so prolific, it's hard to recognise that it was only built less than 3 months ago! Lots of mesclun come and gone and replaced. Celery is bolting at the moment and will be out… Continue

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Potato update

Dug 4 more potato plants up yesterday. 2 plants had very little and the other 2 had strange! However, they're not very large, about the size of a golf ball. I shall start replanting the space with onions...not much point in putting in more potatoes if they're not going to do all that well. The rest of the garden is doing well, apart from the dwarf beans and peas, so I am going to resow those. Today I am planting corn/beans/squash - the three sisters - Indian method of companion… Continue

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First dug potatoes

Yep...they've been looking SO healthy on top, that I wanted to make sure there was no psyllid affecting UNDER the ground. So I dug one plant. They're GAWJUS!!! Twelve decent sized potatoes which we will have over the next 2 or 3 nights. YUM!!! The rest of the garden is producing fabulous amounts of salad greens and reds and the turnips, when picked as babies, are delicious! In fact, I've had to sow another round of turnip seeds, as we're eating them like little apples...beautifully sweet, juicy… Continue

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Yep...everything's growing...some things faster than others. Today I have done some garden maintenance, tied/staked, planted out, sowed seeds in trays and generally tidied up.

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Looking good

I'm back from holiday, and M-E has looked after the garden well. Everything is looking great and growing well. I have planted the seedlings that were ready on my return and started staking some of the more established plants, There are only a few squares left in the garden to fill, so thankfully I created the second lot of squares...another 32 square feet. That's almost full now too...or will be once everything planted in it grows. Tomorrow I shall sow more seed in trays ready to transplant in… Continue

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Today I am harvesting the first of my mesclun mix. The garden is looking pretty good, and the seeds are coming along fine, apart from salsify, celeriac and celery. I have been and bought some celery and celeriac seedlings instead, and will try the seeds again next month. The peas and some of the beans are up and I have prepared another 32 sq feet bed where some overcrowded shrubs were, for the pumpkins, squash and watermelon.

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My potatoes are showing just above the ground. They're 'Rocket' so hopefully we should have some spuds in November. The beans, peas and tomato seeds have sprouted and the garden is looking pretty darn good. I have removed shrubs from a slightly raised existing garden as well, and turned that area into my pumpkin/squash/watermelon patch. My collection of medicinal and culinary herbs, which I have in very large outdoor pots are doing well. I have my eye on another rather rough strip of garden… Continue

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Seeds up!

Many seeds are up...lettuce, basil, borage, nasturtium, marigolds, radish, cress, cucumber, squash, pumpkin, and mesclun. Some are just showing one at the moment with the others still to arrive, like tomatoes and eggplants. I couldn't wait to see some plants in the garden, so I have planted gifted seedlings of celery, florence fennel, garlic, lettuce and mesclun...can never have too much lettuce and mesclun! The birds fancied the garden...A LOT! I have rigged up arches and netting with… Continue

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Seeds sown

On Monday 25th August, I sowed all my early seed, some in trays and some direct...peas, beans, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, celeriac, celery, cress, lettuces, mesclun, onions, radishes, salsify, spinach, turnips and several types of squash and pumpkin. In addition I sowed some nasturtium and marigold seeds. Today, Saturday, being the gorgeous, hot, sunny day that has been bestowed upon Napier, I have sown a further tray of marigolds and borage...good for companion… Continue

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Done, made, ready

The wood and growing medium arrived on Saturday...I started the box frames Sunday, and completed them today. MaryEllen and I filled them with the growing medium and late afternoon I added the square foot grid. YAY! It looks great. Now we just need the growing medium to warm a little. Sowing seeds trays. The direct sowing will be done in a couple of days (before the end of this week). I now have 56 square feet of growing space, fertile and waiting.…


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Today was a better day, weatherwise, and so I have bought the peat and the extra compost I require to add to the main growing medium which will arrive on Saturday, along with the wood. Hopefully I can get the edging constructed and filled over the weekend. My growing medium is a base of 50% fish/bark compost (bio-organic) and 50% fine topsoil, to which I will add 1:5 part peat and 1:5 part further organic compost, but of different origin/composition, to cover balanced/required nutrients.

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The past couple of days haven't provided me with much time toward my garden. Today, sadly, it is very very wet and reasonably cold, so I'm inside, near the fire, wondering when to order the wood delivery for the garden edging. No point today or tomorrow...too wet to unload the wood and the growing medium or to get anything done outside. Oh me time to take another browse through the seed catalogue and to look forward to finer weeather.

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OK...yesterday I didn't do anything toward my pending garden, as I was busy elsewhere. Today, I can't work outside as it's wet and cold, so I'll spend it inside, near the fire, planning my crop placement and the first rotation. I'm using the Square Foot Gardening method, so there will be little opportunity for weeds to grow...NO ROOM! lol

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Garden encasement

Today was about checking out possibilities for the sides of my gardens, and seeing exactly what was available. I have a lot of information now, and will do 'my sums' over the weekend to see what is favourable, both financially and long term, as well as being appropriate for my needs. As I don't want to have treated wood anywhere near my vegetables, and even preferably not plastic, I am going for macrocarpa edging. It's a hardwood and longer lasting than most without being treated.

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YAY! they arrived! What a joy to open the parcel and rummage through the packets. MaryEllen (another member of the Hawkes Bay group of Ooooby) and I are getting together on Monday to start sowing in trays and pots for now so that we can have them inside our homes to germinate early. Getting a head start (not as early as Sonya though! lol). As I've said before, MaryEllen doesn't have the circumstances to have a garden at her place, so she is sharing my backyard space and we are sharing the cost,… Continue

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