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Ooooby versity, Huddersfield. Meeting 6th October

Dave sent his apologies because he had to be elsewhere on Tuesday, but left us with a good idea to raise funds for the project. What about a car boot sale in the car park or somewhere similar? We will discuss that further at another meeting.

Marie-Claire drafted us a Mission Statement, which we went through and agreed to. The 'Committee' was discussed again and Jake was nominated the Chairman. It was agreed that all significant decisions must be agreed by at least four committee members.… Continue

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Ooooby-versity Huddersfield, meeting 29th September

We had a good meeting tonight with 7 new members, although our guest speaker couldn't make it.

Neville: decided to start gardening ages ago and although he didn't know much, he just 'did it', taking lots of advice from older people.

Susan: is from MAST (Marsden and Slaithwaite Transition towns. She is also involved in the Slaithwaite co-op that Graham talked to us about last week. She is on the Board of the co-cop.

Pip: is a new gardener and has chickens. He is also involved in… Continue

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Ooooby-versity metting 22nd September

We had three new members tonight. Welcome to; Alma, Maryanne and Thelma. Was nice to see some new faces. Graham (from the Slaithwaite Co-op was interested in learning what our 'game' plan is. We told him about the land and what we hope to achieve with it and that it is a learning experience for all of us. We aim to keep it organic too.

Dave and Jake managed to get to the garden centre at Milnsbridge and saw Paddy Walsh who has donated about 20 bags of compost and a couple of gravel.… Continue

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Ooooby-versity, HUddersfield. Meeting September 15th 2009

Dave told us that the two ladies from the Longwood branch of Incredible Edibles are very interested in coming along to one of our meetings and would like to meet us all. Marie-Claire said she will contact them and sort out a date.

He also said that Paddy Walsh from the garden centre is donating a box of seeds to us of both veg and plants. They are unsold stock and would normally be sent back and a credit note given, however Thompson and Morgan said he could donate them to us and they would… Continue

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Ooooby-versity, Huddersfield. Meeting 7th September, 2009

Our guest speaker for tonight was going to be Graham Mitchell of the Green Valley Grocer co-op in Slaithwaite, but unfortunately he couldn't make it, but has promised us he will make it to another meeting in the near future.

Mr Brian Storey stood in for him at short notice...thanks Brian.

He spoke to us about seed collecting.

Any flower or vegetable has to have a seed, as such we can collect them and save ourselves from paying astronomical prices in shops, so why not collect our… Continue

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Ooooby-versity Huddersfield. Meeting 25th August 2009

Our guest speaker this week was Mr Brian Storey. He showed us how to plant seed...

Using a multi-purpose compost, loosely fill a planter and water the compost.

Level off the compost with a piece of wood.

Get the seed, and ALWAYS open the packet over the planter so if there is any spillage it goes straight into the compost.

If your seeds are black, put them into a pot, add some flour and ske it up to cover the seeds making them more visible.

Empty the seeds into the palm… Continue

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