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hen or rooster

It is a wee bit older than in the last post. A silver laced Wyandotte. I'm thinking hen but wondered what others thought.



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Hen or Rooster?

Hi all. hope you all had a very happy christmas day.

I have a baby silver laced wyandotte chick and was wondering if anybody can give a clue as to it's sex from the photo? I'm thinking maybe a hen as roosters seem to have more white on the wings.

Anybody got ideas?

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September 14th

Spring is well underway in the garden and I'm eating new carrots, baby leeks and fresh peas.

Today I put more peas in along with sweet peas and beans. I also planted three rows of potatoes in my dedicated potato bed which has been enriched with horse manure. Will get some blood and bone to use as a side dressing. I used Neem granules sprinkled in the trench before I planted the seed potatoes. Two rows of Swift which are real fast 60-90 days and an unknown variety a friend gave me. I have… Continue

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Today in the garden.

Lots of weeding and tidying up to be done. I've planted more lettuce, peas and three artichokes today. The bean fence is up and the bed I've prepared for them will have all sorts of companion plants in it. The potatoe bed was dug over yesterday and the seed potatoes are happily sprouting on the widowsill. This year I'm trying a super fast 60 to 90 day swift, some Maori potatoes and an unknown variety that a friend has kindly given me. Mmmmm new spuds with mint! At the moment I have… Continue

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