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This is an exerpt from Wally Richards letter.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article entitled When Agriculture Goes Mad which talked about the problems that GE or GO (Genetic fiddling) was causing in America, South America and India. This week I received an email which linked to a clip of an interview with Dr Don Huber. The email stated: Monsanto has unleashed a micro-monster that could kill us all. That's according to Dr. Don Huber, an agricultural scientist and expert in microbial ecology, who's convinced that Monsanto's genetically…


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Nutrient Dense food

I am starting on a whole new adventure with a refractometre.  I have measured a luscious leaf of silver beet and it came out Brix 4 to my chagrin...and I use chicken manure, lime, woodchips and grassclippings and all the rest of it.  So now I am out to sprinkle some magic dust and liquid and see what happens.

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A good harvest coming?

Has anyone else had a good crop of apples?

  My trees are absolutely groaning with fruit.  In fact I've got the best garden in a long time even though I started out with a gammy foot. Alas, Hester, my chookies have gone.  I was feeding them when I slipped and broke my ankle, they got the blame and were taken away to a farm.

I'm beginning to read about Nutrient Dense Food. Got information from Kay Baxter.  Very interesting but the cost of the machine to measure it all ($150) I…


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White butterflies

I read in last Friday's NZ Gardener newsletter that plastic shapes of white butterflies stuck on kebab sticks keep them away. Apparently they are territorial and don't encroach on butterflies already there. I'm passing this on so others can have a go, too. I doubled some of the sticks so they are higher above the kale etc. Let's know if they made a difference.

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Back into it, even if slowly!

What bliss! Soil under the fingernails after three months! And no rain. Managed to clip some lawn edges over the last two days. The edge clippers make a good substitute crutch. There is a cringingly lot of work to do to catch up but I guess it all teaches me patience. The leg bone has healed but the swelling stops easy foot movement - but I'll get there. Thanks for all your thoughts.

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Beware - rotten feijoas are dangerous

I have just come back from nearly two weeks in hospital. On 25th June I slipped in the back garden and broke my ankle.
I came home yesterday and have to be off my leg for 6 weeks. I have brought home a plate and six screws in my ankle.
I won't be able to get to the computer so often. I am using a frame to support me while I hop!

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Garlic etc.

I have continued to create a thick mulch for planting the garlic and shallots. It worked so well last year with an almost weedless crop. I mow the leaves and twigs up and have sprinkled native woodshavings along with the clippings to make a mat about 2" thick. Now I'm waiting for some rain to flatten the dried material down. Underneath has gone a sprinkle of lime, a bit of blood and bone and old chicken manure and a bit of organic slow release pellets. That should do them!

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What not to do next time...

Never plant nasturtium plants in the garden. No matter how they are described, they smother anything within a metre. Good for baskets though.
Never over-plant baskets.
Never fill them so full of mixture there's no room for the water.
Never plant chilacoyotes near boundary fences! In fact, probably never.

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Yes, Kali, you did tell me.
First I worried they wouldn't grow. Then I worried they wouldn't fruit. Then I worried where they would go. Now? Just STOP everything! See photos.

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...there was two of me. What with pulling out old plants and wild ivy, planting broad beans, revamping a flower garden, moving the hose, weeding... Well, I'm sitting at the moment, going to find out what to do with myrtus ugni fruit (false cranberry). The smell is overwhelming delicious.

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Monarchs and things

Came back from S.I. after 9 days to find teeny caterpillars. Hope they make it. Found my lovely tall corn all over the place with the wind. Oh, dear! The Ellerslie Flower Show only had one "Wow" for me - the English garden. Much better last year, I thought.

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Monarch butterflies

Thanks for the feedback re the butterflies. Last year we raised about 75 - 80. I'm sure they were here around about this time. I can't get the website recommended. Is it going to be too late for them to breed before the frosts???

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Monarch butterflies.

Has anybody seen one? Someone from Putaruru said he hadn't either. I have a whole forest of plants waiting for them!!!

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This morning took five plastic shopping bags to the Sallies full of lettuce, pak choi, kale and silver beet.

It now gives me room to plant those purple carrots - and other varieties I will fertilize with Bioboost slowrelease pellets (organic from Farmlands), water thoroughly and place wet newspaper, two sheets thick over the area and tip a bag or two of compost over the top. I find that using the bagged compsot prevents any weeds at all. It's a curse to weed carrots and pull half of them… Continue

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Rain is coming - hurray!

What with the buckets, the pots and the bags it's a mission to keep everything moist. The bucket tomatoes have been stressed and are showing signs of blight. I am spraying with copper and Nature's Curator. The ones the right way up in buckets and bags are doing great. Have pulled all the garlic now and planted in its place the last crop of sweet corn which has been growing in toilet rolls and some Labrador bush beans.... wonder what they're like?

Have found a new source of seeds called… Continue

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Beauty is in the eye of ....a happy gardener

I look at those lettuces (see photo) and think - brilliant! Last week I planted dwarf beans in between them and by the time the lettuces go the beans should be well on the way. Everything is going so well - have yet to see a White Butterfly! Has anyone else? Saw the first monarch yesterday though it didn't fly to the swan plants left over from last year. I have three dozen or so under cover growing madly to feed them all this year. The bucket tomatoes are now flaunting large flowers...promises,… Continue

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More keen little gardeners!

Yesterday envirogroupers from Strathmore School came to see the garden and plant their salad box to take home. Very enthusiastic and were able to identify many vegetables. Lovely children. See 3 new photos. I'm putting them on Ooooby in the hopes they will have a reason to link in!

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Kohanga Reo

Yesterday I travelled to two Kohanga Reos in Matamata and one in Putaruru. I have been giving advice to K.C. who is encouraging all the Kohangas to develop gardens. She has acquired some plastic pallets which have been put to good use. Small children are learning where their vegies are coming from! See the photos..

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Delightful Envirogroupers!

Spent a lovely hour or so this morning with a group of North School Primary Envirogroup members - about 30 of them. They had a wander around my garden identifying vegetables and fruits. They each made a salad garden to take home with a lettuce, spring onions and radish seeds in an icecream container. "What's a radish?" See new photos.

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Still raining!

This morning planted up another packet of sweet corn into toilet rolls. I'm lucky to have two grandchildren living with us - a rapid accumulating supply! I find the toilet roll trick is best as I can see which ones are not going to germinate and there will be no gaps.

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