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I think there should be a time every year when devoted food gardeners do as all good believers do - participate in some kind of meaningful ritual. I am a bit hopeless at religion but even I can think of several such traditions which illustrate what I mean. There is the whole 40 days and 40  nights thing that Christians call Lent; there is Ramadan, the Muslims' month of fasting; and, more a cultural event than a religion, there is the week of the Chinese New Year celebrations. I am sure there…


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Fresh herbs....a basic human need

image The formal herb garden in the Hobart Botanic Gardens is delightful this time of year. We had our Home Gardeners Group picnic there last week.…

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Organic Sharecroppers Collectives

At last something positive to write about, to get excited about, to feel passionate about, in this crazy world of disasters and media madness.

All who read this blog probably know or know of people who would love to get out there in the fields and grow food, organically and ethically, but they do not have the land / money / time to be without an income etc. Moreover, we all know how backward is the thinking of many of our so called leaders, when it comes to promoting the reduction of…


Added by Kate Flint on November 27, 2010 at 9:21am — 1 Comment

House sit in Hobart, Tasmania for summer

There is a Tasmanian friend of mine who is going to be away from Nov 29th 2010 to Jan 10th 2011 and she needs a house sitter. She is a keen gardener and needs someone to care for her pots and garden whilst staying in her home in Hobart.

The place is very central but peaceful, great views, north facing, 3 bedroom, new kitchen, big sunny deck, very pleasant home. The person would need to contribute for cost of power and gas, and a donation towards general expenses of household…


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Prince Charles.... born into his position for a purpose...

and these few words, so well put, indicate what that purpose may be.

I have a lot of respect for Prince Charles and admire his efforts to be outspoken about the planet, about agriculture, architecture, history, science and about what we should see as an opportunity to succeed, not a fear of failure.....…


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Seeding some ideas....

What a shocking day its been, weather wise. One minute calm, sunny, even warm and enticing; the next, ferocious, unwieldy, hair-raising wind, horizontal rain barely hitting the ground before being blown away again. So, after surviving several bouts of this feverishness, Pickle and I retreated to the kitchen, to my other passion, cooking.

Yesterday I had failed to resist a bargain and came home with a huge chicken, unceremoniously labelled "Large Boiler". Massive, is the word I would…


Added by Kate Flint on September 30, 2010 at 10:17am — 3 Comments

A Brief History of The World


Once upon a time, in a place called Utopia, in the days we call The Good Old Days, lived a thing called The Community. It existed way before religion came along and took it over and before governments made rules about it.

Community gave everyone a sense of security. Because life was slow, expectations low and camaraderie high, The Community flourished. There was little communication with the outside world, the focus being on providing for The Community. The more The…


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The scene of the crime....

It was a dark and rainy night. The street lights flickered and shadows danced in the wild, stormy wind. It was only early evening but already the streets were deserted and an eerie emptiness had descended on the mountain.....

Inside, the fire crackled and roared; a puppy slept peacefully in its glow and a woman stood at the fridge door, searching the shelves for something, something. The house was being battered by rain and wind when suddenly an unwanted thought burst in to her brain.…


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The Bloggers' Green Conundrum

There is a conundrum, isn't there, for bloggers of green ideas. I am sitting in the Melbourne airport on my way back to Adelaide for a week of visiting friends and family. I am writing this on my battery-powered laptop and next to me is my digital camera and mobile phone. But, in my hand luggage is an Australian Organic Gardener magazine and a book about herbs. In my head is my vegetable and fruit and nut garden, the lovely walk from my house almost everywhere I need to go, my wood-warmed…


Added by Kate Flint on September 5, 2010 at 3:02pm — 1 Comment

World Kitchen Garden Day in Cygnet

Well if that did not inspire the walkers to go home and start growing food, nothing will..... it was wonderful to see 4 such different gardens, all providing winter greens, herbs, leeks, broccoli and other foods to the garden owners. The only thing missing in these Tasmanian winter gardens to me, from South Australia, is citrus.

image More and more people gathered in the…


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World Kitchen Garden Day August 22nd 2010

Kitchen Gardeners International started as a forum for getting together with people growing food, in their home gardens, all over the world. Every now and then someone would throw in something controversial and all kinds of people would discuss and argue and it was a lot of fun!…

Added by Kate Flint on August 5, 2010 at 9:21pm — 5 Comments


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