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Summer Garden

Summer has to be my favourite time of year for the garden.

It seems everything is abundant and lush! Temperatures seem down a bit this year, so everything is cropping a little later when compared to last summer. The bonus is that moisture is holding better in the soil. I've also been stuffing straw mulch around the plants wherever possible which is also helping keep the moisture in.

As usual I have packed as much as possible into the raised beds, so a lot of plants are growing over… Continue

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Spring garden update

Just thought I'd post a progress update with the garden this spring.

This year I have decided to sow all my own seeds rather than buy punnets from the garden centre.

I kept all the plastic punnets last year for re-use.

The second batch of seeds for this season are now sprouted and rapidly growing.

The first lot I had placed in a cold frame made from an old window.

These have now been transplanted into the garden - Tomatoes, coriander, basil, courgettes, squash, onions,… Continue

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Trees planted and mulched

Apples, feijoas, avocado & plum trees planted last weekend. Straw mulched the ordchard bed after planting. 3 carloads of cardboard from the local supermarket for a base to the straw.

src="*ZBe8hcTEhgAT9YNyJGAtDcY0Tg2iI99dSbQ-*BLMpKGtGGYV4O8RQyDQCcTaiDOkURzqxmwkpnw7KbBs/P1000948.JPG" alt=""/>…


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Tree planting and mulching weekend ahead!

Hi Everyone

I've compiled a collection of young trees to plant out this weekend.

From Koanga I got 4 x dwarf apple trees, which I plan to espalier along the fence.

A heap of comfrey cutting also bought for planting under the trees.

From Kaipara Nurseries I got 2 x feijoas, an avocado and another lemon tree.

From my cuttings taken last autumn I have 4 spouting plum trees in pots. I think I'll plant out one of these and keep the rest for grafting peaches onto next year… Continue

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Hey everyone, thanks for all your lovely feedback on my photos!

Secrets / tricks? Well I wish I knew exactly!

I think the two most influencing factors on my garden are the soil, and timing of planting out.

Im lucky in this garden to have a generous layer of about 300mm of good topsoil on top of the clay. Simply stripping off the lawn layer and digging over the soil with a bit of mulch added has produced good results. Previous gardens I have had I havent been so lucky, and have… Continue

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What up in the garden

The vege patch has been left to do its own thing since planting out the winter greens. The most I have had time to do is pick the odd green caterpillar off the brocolli plants when out harvesting silverbeet. Thankfully the frosts last week seem to have finally dealt to the munchers and the leaves of all the brassicas have changed from light green to a dark winter green with the cold.

The plum tree has gone. We cut it up and bagged all the small twigs for future use in the fish smoker. I… Continue

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Monarchs hatch

We planted a swan plant last spring for toddler entertainment. Jack loves caterpillars and butterflies!

The plant grew huge, not due to a lack of caterpillars, but due to an abundance of predatory wasps killing all the caterpillars.

The wasps were so efficient that not a single caterpillar made it anywhere near crystalis forming size all season!

Finally in the last few weeks the wasps have abated, the result being our first hatch of 2 monarchs just yesterday...…


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Our garden today

Spring onion seedlings


Brassica seedlings

Lettuce & silverbeet seedlings

Lettuce seedlings, celery seedlings & maturing celery. The larger celery was planted in November but was crowded out by the tomatoes. Once the tomatoes died back the… Continue

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17 April 09

Planted out winter seedlings. A mix of brassicas plus spring onions, lettuce, silverbeet. Also planted a small number of broad bean seeds just to try. Im not a fan of eating them. My memory of them is of tough dry nuggets, so this time Im determined to try them as young beans to see if they're any better!

I've been putting off planting out the winter garden partly due to house renovation distractions and partly because this autumn seems quite warm. Hopefully the plants will get a good… Continue

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