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Seeds Sown Indoors Today

Spinach Strawberry (heirloom from
Bean Roquefort
Thyme (wild)
Lavender Dwarf Munstead
Watermelon Georgia Rattlesnake
Cucumber Green Dragon

It has been bucketing down - totally annoying on a Saturday when I want to get out in the garden, so I've had to content myself with sowing instead.

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Lawn Replacement

Hubby thinks I've gone mad. Yesterday I started removing our lawn because it is a mixture of weeds and kikuya and I'm replacing it with anything I've got an abundance of seed-wise and that is easy to pull out later: corn, wheat, marigolds, parsley, buckwheat, alfalfa and goodness knows what else as I go along. Why? Because I'm organic and I don't want to spray my lawn to get rid of it, neither do I want a muddy bog while I painstakingly remove it. Since I don't have oodles of spare time it will… Continue

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The Real Gardener of the Year

Click on the link to see my favourite gardener in dog!

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It's my favourite time of the year. My fig tree now has leaves on the very ends of it's branches (below) and the seed trays on the dining table are starting to come alive. Everything is full of promise!

Last year when I was completely new to having a vege garden and everything seemed to take soooo long, I had doubts that it all would come to fruition and felt a great deal of impatience, but this year I am just carrying on doing a little bit here and a little bit there, happy in the… Continue

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Today I tried again with my parnsips - the last lot failed to germinate. This was no surprise after catching Celeste the cat using that part of the garden for her toileting requirements on several occasions.

My 78 year old neighbour, Clyde, has told me that the best way to sow them is to flood the area (doubly necessary I suspect, in my case after Celeste's antics) and then scrape back the very surface, put the seeds in and lightly cover. Next, cover them with wet newspaper. In 3… Continue

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Seeds Sown Indoors Today

Hollyhock Summer Carnival Mix
Aster Cut Flower Assortment
Poppy Iceland
Livingstone Daisy Sparkles Mix
Poppy Peony Formula Mix
Morning Glory

Anise Hyssop
Chamomile German
Yarrow Common White
Self Heal
St Johns Wort

Shoo Fly Plant

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I need a windbreak!

After my obelisk disaster yesterday I decided to not only hurry up and plant the hedge on our side of the fence but also to plant some natives on the council verge on the other side of it. They can't complain about that surely... Took the dogs down to The People's Park at Te Atatu Peninsula - for those unfamiliar this is a wetland area with views across the water to the city and the harbour bridge. As we trotted along I collected some seeds from Manuka Red Tea Tree shrubs. I want all the bees I… Continue

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Red Onions

About a month ago I planted two red onions which had sprouted in my pantry. These turned into "sets" which look like several spring onions growing out of the onion. The biggest one grew six and the smaller one grew four. Today I decided to dig them up, divide them and replant them.

I had just found out that peas don't like to be near onions too and they were next to my obelisk with the peas - they are now in areas where my brassicas were being attacked by white fly.

After… Continue

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