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Pollan Makes the Rounds

By Dan Mitchell

Michael Pollan—journalist, author, and science-journalism professor—has been elevated to a leadership position in the movement to transform the food system. But, as he will tell you, he doesn't really belong there.

Pollan makes no pretense of "objectivity," but he does consider himself a journalist (since he is one) first. In… Continue

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You can dig it: An easy recipe for growing a starter garden

by Sheryl Cornett

Victory gardens sprouted up everywhere in the U.K. and the U.S. during and after World War II. These were not only a form of individual resourcefulness, but a necessity. If a family didn't grow fresh food, they weren't likely to get much.

We may not be so far from those dire straights nowadays. Anyone who… Continue

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Down with raised beds

From Gene Logsdon

Garden Farm Skills

The only raised bed I’ve ever found useful in sixty years of gardening is the one in my bedroom. And after I quit double-digging, I didn’t have to spend as much time there either. Or if I did, it was for reasons other than resting.

I must be wrong, but I don’t understand the modern enchantment with raised beds. Yes, if you are a market… Continue

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Urban gardener: The plot thickens

By Cleve West

So I'm lying there, right, and my osteopath says to me, "What's the best way of clearing a new allotment ... you know, one that has been neglected for several years with waist-high grass and weeds?" It turns out that the so-called "new" allotment was actually acquired a year… Continue

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Is Ooooby for-profit or not-for-profit?

Well, both actually. is a not-for-profit and is a for profit. holds all domain rights and pays 20% of net profits to

This social network is in the domain of

Things like local Ooooby Magazines and Ooooby Stores are part of… Continue

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No gardener left behind

By CHRIS GAROFOLO, Reformer Staff

BRATTLEBORO -- Taking a page from the victory gardens in every neighborhood during World War II, Post Oil Solutions kicked off its "No Gardener Left Behind" campaign in an all-day event Saturday.

The event featured local demonstrations with helpful hints for gardeners, from composting with worms to food preservation.

Held at the Robert H.… Continue

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Contain yourself by growing your own produce

Considering growing your own produce? You'll be amazed how much a limited space will yield


While we didn't need a presidential seal of approval to enlighten us to the benefits of growing our own vegetables, it's definitely a sign of the times.

Whether it's the rise in people wanting… Continue

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Why we forgot how to grow food

Picture from Treehugger

As a food shortage looms, people are digging for Britain — and their dinner table.

John-Paul Flintoff gets back to our roots Source:… Continue

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Dig in to get started on food garden

Begin with small, sunny space, well-fed soil

By Mary Beth Breckenridge

Want to know more about vegetable gardening? In Wednesday's Food section we'll tell you how to choose what to grow; and in next Saturday's Your Home, we'll provide tips on planting and maintaining your garden.

If you have a few square feet of land or even… Continue

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The Harvest comes Home

In Canada and in the United States, sales of vegetable seed sales have soared, with the largest companies posting increases of 20 to 25 per cent and more over last year.

Article By Susan Schwartz, Photograph by: Susan Ferguson, The Gazette

It is arguably the most famous garden in the world these days, the vegetable garden on the White House lawn… Continue

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New back to the land movement with urban homesteading

By Laura Casey Contra Costa Times

DR. GARY BEAN'S inspiration to raise 10 chickens in his Oakland hillside backyard came from his childhood memories.

When he was young, Bean would help his grandmother with the chickens on her Alabama farm, feeding and caring for them as well as helping to raise the chicks when they came… Continue

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A chicken coup: Group seeks to protect rare breeds

This undated photo provided by American Livestock Breeds Conservancy shows a white Delaware chicken at Charles Taft's Stauber Farm in Bethenia, N.C. At least 19 heritage breeds, such as the white Delaware with the mottled neck, the white egg laying Holland and black mottled Houdan, have been designated as critically threatened, which means there are fewer than 500 left. Dozens of other chicken are in danger of disappearing without a market to sustain… Continue

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Incredible Edible Huddersfield wants everyone to grow vegetables

By Hilarie Stelfox, Huddersfield Daily Examiner

THE FUTURE for our planet may look bleak, says Norah Hamill, one of the driving forces behind a project to encourage people to grow their own food, but it could be… Continue

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Going green as simple as buying local

By Noah Fowle News-Review Staff Writer

Although going green can sometimes be a costly endeavor that forces you to think about living your life in a whole new way, many are turning to sustainable farming and the local food movement.

Mike Everts, who runs Blackbird Gardens and Real Food catering, said momentum is growing behind the local food… Continue

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Compost for Healthy Soil and Healthy Food


Hi there. I'm Fern Marshall Bradley, coeditor of Reader's Digest's All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening. I'm back again with another guest post on organic gardening, and this week, my topic is something that's fundamental to our own good health: building healthy soil. Now you may be wondering: What's the connection between… Continue

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How does her garden grow?

By Gwynne Morgan

Sharon Slocum, a certified landscape designer, and a passionate fruit and vegetable gardener for 40 years, kicked off the six-week West Roxbury Reads series earlier this month with a slide show and tips about how even beginning gardeners can integrate vegetable and fruit planting into the smallest yards, containers and… Continue

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Big Agriculture takes umbrage at Mrs Obama's organic garden

By Philippe Naughton from Times Online

America's powerful agribusiness lobby has hit back at Michelle Obama's decision to make her new White House kitchen garden entirely organic, urging her to consider the use of appropriate "crop protection products".

Wearing her finest Jimmy Choo boots, Mrs Obama broke the ground on her vegetable plot on the… Continue

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Seed Saving to Preserve Today's Bounty For Tomorrow's Gardens

by Lori for everyone

Seed saving has long been the primary way to pass plants down from generation to generation. Seed Saving is not only fun, it's also an important way to perpetuate heirloom plants and to ensure the genetic diversity of the world's food crops, which are eroding at an unprecedented and accelerating rate.… Continue

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Box gardening in the recession

Author: Dawne Prochilo

With the economy still in a downward freefall, people are looking deeper for more ways to save money. If you at one time always bought lunch, maybe you’ve been brown bagging it from home. If you ate out or ordered carryout twice a week, maybe you’ve cut back to once a week or not at all.

One monthly… Continue

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You Can Do Organic Vegetable Gardening at Home


Anybody can do organic vegetable gardening at home because the principle behind this is not that different from what they do in the farm. The only difference is that you work in a smaller area and you get to choose what you like plant.

The first thing you have to do is find an ideal location. A lot of people do organic vegetable… Continue

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