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London Yields: Urban Agriculture

[Image: The King's Vineyard, London, by Soonil Kim, one of many projects featured in London Yields: Urban Agriculture].

By bldgblog

One of the many benefits of being in London this week is that I get to stop by the Building Centre, one of my favorite urban galleries and architectural exhibition spaces, to check out their new show London Yields: Urban… Continue

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A lovely plot

By Shelley Bridgeman

Growing your own food at home is one of the most talked about garden trends of the moment. Even before the recession made us especially sensitive about the price of produce, concerns about food miles and pesticides had inspired many of us to dig a veggie patch in our backyard. But spare a thought for people, those living in high-rise… Continue

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An Easy Locavore First Step

By campergal

Eating locally-grown food is the new trend. But it’s more than a trend: it saves on gas (less transport to get the food to you), it helps the local economy, and it usually means fresher food for you. Definitely cool, as we can make a difference globally, locally, and for our own health. In addition, it helps us build community.

Eating the… Continue

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Recycling old bathtubs kind of weekend

Sonya of Permaculture Pathways offers another fabulous description of time in the permaculture lifestyle. Read more...

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Campbells Soup getting behind backyard food growing

This is the sort of responses we can expect to see from smart global food brands. It seems to me that Campbells understand that wholesome homegrown values are reemerging and that the future of their company depends on working with these values.

What are your thoughts on corporate sponsorship of backyard food… Continue

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Share your veggie-growing wisdom--Plus: A tomato worm prevention tip

Author: Colleen Smith

When I mention to people that I have this gig as Denver Flower and Garden Examiner, lots of people hear the word “garden” and assume I mean vegetable garden. On the sunny patio of my secret garden, I’ve grown some vegetables in containers, but… Continue

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Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

By The Good Cook

I recently took a class called "Living as a Locavore". And what you ask is a Locavore?

A Locavore is any person committed to eating, and learning about food grown and produced in their local community. Local is generally considered to be anything grown or produced with products from within a 100 mile radius of "home." The… Continue

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Ooooby Workshop Grey Lynn

Clare, Emerald, Hayley and the rest of the AUT SIFE team put on a great event yesterday at the Ooooby Workshop yesterday in Grey Lynn.

Vincent Dickie waxed lyrical about the upcoming Grey Lynn Farmers Market and we also had Wendy come and teach us a few things about square foot gardening and zones around the home (permaculture speak).

There were great giveaways from Gubba and other very generous sponsors.…


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Off the grid

Taranaki Daily News

At the end of a long and windy road is a big shed. A small wind turbine whirs on a hill behind it. Down the hill, slightly, the foundations for a house are laid out on one of the only flat bits of land.

In one direction is a stunning view of green hills and Mt Taranaki. In the other, chooks and ducks can be seen coexisting. Half a… Continue

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Creatively growing food in a small space

By Brooke Everett

Alix Pfenningwerth spent a Sunday afternoon last month transplanting beet seedlings into a 4-foot-by-7-foot garden patch. Now the beets are growing in a neat row among herbs, lettuce, greens and garlic - in the front yard of the house she rents in the heart of the Fourth and Gill neighborhood.

She was a bit worried about… Continue

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Wonderful Worms

Homegrown Evolution • by Homegrown Neighbor

I've been composting with worms for many years now and I am continually impressed by how good they are at what they do- eat our garbage.

For those who want to start a worm bin of their own you can either buy a bin or make your own. I must say the black, stacking bins made from recycled plastic work very well. They are well designed to allow for a lot… Continue

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Host an Organic Local Foods Potluck

by Jennifer Lance in Eco Entertaining

Spring time brings the reopening of farmers’ markets creating inspiration for organic local food meals. Whether you are a hard core locavore or a connoisseur of local food, hosting a local foods potluck is an easy way you can share great food with your friends and family while raising… Continue

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By Porangi Hoiho

Technology for the nuclear (atomic) bomb and the technology to allow television broadcasts, were both discovered at about the same time – in the very early 40’s.

At that time, one can imagine that most people felt that the bomb would have the power to destroy the world.

And that they felt that television had the power to ‘save’ the world, through its… Continue

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Tongan toil reaps rewards

By WILLIAM MACE - Papakura Courier

WINNING GRIN: Vavau Otuafi, second from right, with her son Junior, 4, and Housing New Zealand representatives, from left: Liz Jenkins, Nana Fonoti and south Auckland region manager Madhavan Raman.

Relevant offers

A mixture of topsoil, free compost, some seedlings and a whole lot of Tongan… Continue

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Survey Results Day 3

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The power of neighbourhood

Would it be possible for you and your neighbours to get a decent amount of fruit, veg, herbs and eggs from each others collective backyards?

How good would it feel to know that you not only have the basics covered, you are also eating more wholesome meals everyday?

You might be surprised how much… Continue

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Queen gives green-minded son gardening award

LONDON (AP) — Prince Charles, an avid gardener and environmentalist, has received Britain's top gardening award from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Victoria Medal of Honor is the highest accolade the Royal Horticultural Society bestows. Only 63 horticulturists can hold it at any time — a tribute to the 63 years of Queen Victoria's… Continue

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Why Backyard Chickens Are a Trend

by Carol Ann Sayle

In the early part of the twentieth century, my grandmother had chickens pecking around her farm house at her tenant cotton farm. She loved them. My mother, her daughter, in the antiseptic 1950s--our dog and cat were not allowed in the house--out of nostalgia perhaps, allowed us kids a trio of brightly colored Leghorn chicks for… Continue

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Elephant garlic

It’s time to plant garlic in Wellington. If you fancy a change, try planting some elephant garlic at the same time. It’s larger and milder than ordinary garlic. It’s said not to keep as well, but this is a recent photo of both types I dug earlier in the year and neither has deteriorated yet.

You can sow broad beans now too. It will… Continue

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