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Hungry City - How Food Shapes our Lives

Carolyn Steel recently presented at TED Talks in Oxford. I posted an article a couple of days ago by the Guardian which was my first introduction to Carolyn's work.

I have since discovered more about her work and am incredibly impressed. This is what Ooooby is largey a resonse to.

Take a look at her website… Continue

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Truck farm takes love of veggies to New York City streets

By Stephanie Rogers

The filmmaking duo behind 'King Corn' turned the bed of a pickup truck into a veggie garden, filmed the process and set it to a quirky original soundtrack.

When you live in Brooklyn, chances are you don’t have your very own land on which to grow fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. But… Continue

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Michelle Obama Cultivating Food Policy

By Jane Black - Washington Post

WASHINGTON - It was the ultimate photo op - 36 smiling fifth graders eating a healthful meal they'd cooked themselves at a picnic table in the first lady's garden. The story line was as simple as it was seductive: They came. They planted. They harvested.

In three short months, Michelle… Continue

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TEDGlobal: Reconnecting cities to food

by Kevin Anderson -

Modern cities are disconnected from food prodution, making them unsustainable and vulnerable. Carolyn Steel says that food needs to return to the centre of our lives and cities.

Sometime in the last two years, the world crossed a threshold. For the first time in history, more people lived in cities than in… Continue

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Another schoolyard garden - Samuel Marsden Collegiate

Source: Kiwi Collars Facebook Page

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As the Economy Struggles, Urban Gardens Grow

By Natalie McDonald | Newsweek

By reclaiming vacant lots, providing cheap produce, and giving community members a sense or purpose, city gardens reap a bounty of benefits.

A little garden between the skyscrapers and busy streets of a metropolis is no longer a luxury only for those with deep pockets and great patios. Urban farms and gardens are being planted in major cities… Continue

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Growing Edible Crops in the UK

There has been increased publicity recently over the potential to grow food on 'under-used land', such as urban green spaces and derelict land. The information below has, therefore, been produced to explain the potential health risks of growing edible crops on such areas of land where the condition of the soil may not be known.

The aim of the information is to draw gardeners' attention to the possibility that the soil may contain elevated… Continue

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Sarah Brown Plants a Vegetable Garden at 10 Downing Street

Source: Obama Foodorama

Sarah Brown takes a page from First Lady Michelle Obama's gardening book...and gets newly active with social media technology, too

The Queen of England recently installed a vegetable garden at Buckingham Palace, for the first time in the history of the monarchy, apparently inspired by First Lady Michelle… Continue

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Vegetable gardens Crop up in Seattle Parking Strips

By Maureen O'Hagan - Seattle Times staff reporter

We've all heard the foodie mantra: Eat Local.

It's going gangbusters in grocery stores that increasingly tout local produce. Now, area government has gotten involved, too.

No, the City Council isn't pushing expensive arugula. Instead, it's trying to increase the… Continue

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Building a Chicken Greenhouse: In Search of a Permaculture Cliché

by Sami Grover -

Building a chicken greenhouse - for real!

Way back in 2006, Warren answered the question "what is permaculture" by describing it as "like biomimicry for food." Essentially, it's about creating human systems - often, but not always, food systems - that mimic the natural world. And that means looking for ways… Continue

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Delia's Beets 'n' Broccoli

This is Delia, my adorable mother in law, with her beetroot and broccoli harvest. Lots more where these came from.

The beets are to be boiled I believe,… Continue

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Three Old Men Looking for Something Not To Do

Robert, my father in law, on the left and two wandering fellows taking a rest on the garden wall. Those onions behind are looking decidedly delicious.

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Colin the Prize Winning Gardener

On a recent whistle-stop tour of some Brighouse allotments kindly offered by Joanna, I met Colin the proud allotment owner at Waterloo Road Allotment.

Colin was happily gave us a tour of the allotment and showed us the fabulous developments… Continue

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What's On My Food?

Source: Pesticide Action Network

At Pesticide Action Network (PAN) we know one thing: Pesticides are the linchpin of industrialized agriculture.

Their mass introduction into farming 70 years ago, along with petrochemically-derived fertilizers, set U.S. farming down a costly and unsustainable path. Along the way, community-scale farming was nearly destroyed, generations… Continue

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Gardeners Have Better Sex?

by: Jill Richardson

"Hot sex, in other words, between people who care about one another...and the land they're rolling around on." - Does Gardening Make For Better Sex?

It's definitely an interesting thought. This article paints a very sensuous picture of how our ability to experience the land and our food can translate into a richer… Continue

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A Nation of Farmers

Source: Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton

100 Million New Farmers?

This book begins from the simple premise that it is both possible and necessary to stop the harm that industrial agriculture is doing-resource depletion, global warming, global poverty, increased food insecurity and hunger, and unsafe, low-quality food-and that we can do so simply by choosing to change the… Continue

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WANTED: Ooooby Market Stall Holders

Are you a professional operator? Do you love giving customer service with a smile? Are you energetic and well presented? Would you like to run the Ooooby Market Stall on Sundays at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market?

Grey Lynn Farmers Market Grand Opening is on Sunday the 6th September and the Ooooby Stall will be a feature display.

As I am in the UK and won't be arriving home to Waiheke until Saturday the 5th September, we need an… Continue

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Aquaponics: A Locavore's Fish Farm?

By Julia Levitt at

If we don't figure out a way to produce seafood sustainably, we may live to see a future when wild fish are too rare to eat. Fish farming has increased as an alternative to ocean fishing (nearly half of all fish eaten worldwide today are, in fact,… Continue

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His Royal Hoseness

By Camilla Tominey

HE IS famous for talking to his plants, but now Prince Charles is sharing his bathwater with them too. The heir to the throne and his wife Camilla have become their Royal Hose-nesses after ordering… Continue

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Hats Off to Yorkshire Produce

Photo Source

Copy: Yorkshire Today Magazine

Local produce was celebrated in a magnificent raceday hat created by celebrity florist Paula Pryke for the Dante festival at York Racecourse.

The hat is festooned with fresh local asparagus,… Continue

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