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New Zealand Vegetable prices surge

Source: 13th August 2009

The price you are paying for veges has just risen a whopping 12 percent on the same month last year.

That favourite of sandwiches and salads, the humble lettuce was the leading culprit. It doubled in price in June and rose again, by 41.6 percent, in July, Statistics NZ… Continue

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Virtual farmers market in the works

By Morgan Josey Glover

Industrial-food fatigued residents of Greensboro and other North Carolina cities have emerged in recent years as influential in the evolving local foods movement.

Behind the scenes, farmers are trying to meet that demand by growing and marketing foods in different ways. A new Rockingham County… Continue

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Tomato Joke

Source: Ooffoo

An old Italian lived alone in New Jersey . He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was hard.

His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:

Dear Vincent,

I am feeling pretty sad,… Continue

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Green Valley Grocer

Last week I wrote a blog post about a fabulous new initiative in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire called Green Valley Grocer.

Today I visited and met with Graham, one of the main… Continue

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Growing your own food ‘good for the soul’

Image from Global Artist Village

Article by Peter Collins at

GROWING your own organic food is not just good for the environment but “good for the soul”, according to graphic designer… Continue

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Crowdsourcing action against climate change

By David Barrie

On 26th September, the town of Middlesbrough, North East England, will host its annual town meal.

At the event, people will feast on food that they've grown at home, in kitchen gardens and on formal or informal plots of ground across the town.

The… Continue

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Homegrown food sprouts small grocers: Locally grown is popular and entrepreneurs sell it fast

By MATTHEW PEARSON, Times Colonist

A team of young entrepreneurs is transforming an old pizza shop in Sooke into a year-round market for locally grown and organic food.

The Farmer's Daughter Food Market is the latest in a long line of Victoria-area business ventures capitalizing on the popularity of all things local. In… Continue

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What Grandma knew and Mama forgot

By Chris Bryan - New Westminster News Leader

When spring arrived this year, like most people I welcomed the arrival of warmth, some sun, and the first splashes of colour.

But it also came with a twinge of dread.

Spring means the grass starts growing and by May, seemingly endless mowing.

A… Continue

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Local Community Takes Over Failed Grocer and Flourishes

I sat down at my desk this morning and struck up a conversation with Ben Childs who was sitting at the table opposite. After the normal introductory questions of 'what do you do?', Ben informed me of a fabulous initiative in his home town of Slaithwaite (pronounced "Slawit" if you want to sound like a local), in West Yorkshire.

The local Green Grocer in Slaithwaite had recently… Continue

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Cuba’s Urban Gardens

Organoponico, Havana, Cuba. Via edweston.

Source: The Croft

For the past two decades, urban agriculture has been increasing throughout the world, in both poor and wealthy nations. Millions of urban residents in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and increasingly in North America and the UK, are growing crops and raising livestock in yards, on rooftops… Continue

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Legal row over derelict land use

Source: BBC.CO.UK Spotted by Jake

A community group which planted flowers and grew vegetables on derelict land earmarked for building is being taken to court by Glasgow City Council.

North Kelvin Meadow Campaign said its volunteers had acted after the former playing fields in… Continue

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Artists to Create Edible Landscapes at the Schuylkill Center


PHILADELPHIA, PA.- Down to Earth: Artists Create Edible Landscapes is an exhibition that highlights the growing focus and emergence of “green” principles and sustainability in relationship to food, art, design and agriculture. The exhibition will include six artists or artist teams who are all working to create socially engaging… Continue

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Vegetable Gardens Help Morale Grow

By RAYMUND FLANDEZ from the Wall Street Journal

Some small companies seeking an extra benefit for their employees are turning to their backyard for inspiration: a vegetable garden.

After laying off an employee, cutting hours and… Continue

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Permaculture restores a piece of the backyard ecosystem

by Carrie Sturrock

Maybe you plant flowers that attract beneficial insects to your tomato plants. Or maybe you capture, store and divert rainwater to your garden in summer's dry months. Maybe yet you build a solar oven to dry garden tomatoes.

The effort can be small or large, complex or simple. All of it, though,… Continue

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Grow your own: transforming skips into vegetable beds

By Rosie Boycott in

Everyone in London has a tale about finding something valuable that's been tossed away in a… Continue

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From fork to fork in 40 years

Howard, Nancy, Rose and I would have had to wait 40 years for our food growing cup! Photograph courtesy of Tom Moggach

By Allan Jenkins at

Had a site visit on Sunday from… Continue

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Dig Your Own Dinner With Rachel de Thame


Help to save the British tomato by Digging Your Dinner with some specialist tips from TV gardening expert Rachel de Thame.

If the thought of adding exotic sounding ingredients to your home cooked dishes appeals to you, then you’ll want to know that ‘Whippersnapper’,… Continue

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The suburban herbalist: Medicinal herbs you can grow and actually use

By Amy Greacen

There is a vast range of healing, mood-altering and paradigm-shifting plant stuffs that can thrive in our zone -- enough to fill a weighty book. If like many of us you're kind of over the whole "Better Living Through Chemistry" thing and you'd like to spend less money,… Continue

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Some like it cold: It's not too late to get your fall veggie garden growing

By (ARA)

If you haven't yet joined the "grow your own vegetables" craze, it's not too late to join in. You can produce a bounty of vitamin-rich veggies from plot (or pot) to plate this fall, plus you'll save a bundle by growing them yourself.

You may be surprised to find that with just a little attention and effort, growing… Continue

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Veggie Bus

Mark Lilly converts school bus into mobile farmer's market.

by Chris Dovi

Lottery tickets, cigarettes and beer are three things any shopper can find on Jeff Davis Highway. But if Mark Lilly has his way, locally grown… Continue

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