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Garden Guru: Early to rise

Source: By Neil Ross

Perhaps was a bit geekish, but before getting married I remember writing up a list of all the pros and cons of my prospective bride to mull over.

Thankfully, our similarities… Continue

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Grass Fed Beef Direct from the Farm

I am currently visiting family in Australia. A couple of days ago I was spending time with Mum who lives in Wellington, Central NSW.

A knock and holla at the door announced the arrival of a family friend, Ian Ponder. Ian is a local farmer who runs beef among other things on his 700 acre property. We proceeded to put the kettle on and took a seat under the shade… Continue

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Gardening freely gives exercise and healthy food

Source: By Joni Carter

Be honest. Do you have an exercise bike that you use as a clothes hanger?

I grew up with one of those permanently parked in a corner of my parent’s bedroom and swore I’d never buy one.

I’ve kept that promise to myself.

Instead, I bought a rowing… Continue

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Less work, more veges


Beginner's guide to vege gardens.

STEP-BY-STEP: Step 1. Line the base with a thick layer of newspapers. Step 2. Soak the paper thoroughly. Step 3. Spread a layer of horse manure on the paper. Step 4. Cover the manure with straw. Step 5. Top up the bed with compost or dirt . Step 6. Smooth out the bumps.… Continue

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Sarah Raven's Kitchen and Garden

I have just learned that we have amongst the Ooooby members none other than Sarah Raven.

Sarah, writer, cook, broadcaster and teacher, is the expert on all things to grow, cut and eat from your garden.

Sarah is based in the UK and I'm not sure whether you can purchase from her store internationally but it still could be worth a look at… Continue

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Nobel Prize Rewards Groundbreaking Gardening Theory

Source: NY Food Examiner Katie Workman

I know it's a bit odd to see an article about the Nobel Prize for Economics in the NY Food… Continue

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Food Renegades

This is a great blog. It goes more into the truth around food in general and very much supports the local food movement. Some things may be controversial but hey that's what makes these things fun. Check it out.

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Chilean Guava -- why doesn't everyone have one of these?

Source: Amy Greacen Oakland Fresh Foods Examiner

When I started narrowing down my front yard plant palette to include only (or mostly) things that were perennial, edible, suited to our climate and preferably evergreen, some unfamiliar cultivars popped up that I figured were edible in the sense of being non-toxic,… Continue

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Your future kitchen

By Jonathan Bender in On the Web

Get ready for the locavore movement to move right on into your house. The Daily Mail looks at how future home cooks will use biospheres to raise everything from their own seafood to their own… Continue

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UNL gets $10,000 to develop urban farming co-op

Source: Associated Press-

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - A group of University of Nebraska-Lincoln students has received a $10,000 grant to develop an urban food cooperative.

The UNL students hope to be able to persuade more city residents to grow produce and increase the availability of locally grown food.

That project is 1 of 43… Continue

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I hope your vegetable garden is mystery-free

Source: Rad Yager - Albany Herald

The upset gardener was leaning on his hoe as he told me the agonizing story. Fall soil sampling had been done with fertilizer and lime recommendations carried out in a timely fashion. Disease resistant plants were researched, procured and transplanted with care. When necessary, proper insecticides were… Continue

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Urban gardening gains popularity

Source: VietNamNet Bridge

A lot of Saigon residents are taking pleasure in growing their own vegetables. Small corners of a yard or a space on a balcony can be transformed into ideal places for growing vegetables that are pesticide-free.

One year ago, Phan Thi Hue, 45, in HCM City worried when doctors told her that she… Continue

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Scrumping for apples

Source: The Ecologist

An innovative Lottery-funded 'Scrumping Project' in Brighton and Hove is bringing rare apples back into the community

Tinsley Quince and Saltcoat Pippin are varieties of traditional Sussex apples which will be making a comeback in an exciting and innovative new Scrumping Project based in… Continue

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The Story of Ooooby

Ooooby began as an idea in response to the overwhelming evidence that our modern industrial food systems are causing more damage than they are worth.

At the time I was in the industrial food business myself, importing frozen breads for distribution through Australian supermarkets, and making a decent profit for my part. It was only when I was confronted with information showing that I was participating in a system which was responsible for many of our…


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Veggies galore

Source: Martha's Vineyard Magazine

The community garden at Island Cohousing is a poster garden for Vineyard-grown and a model of sustainable living and recycling.

Already living a community-oriented lifestyle, the families who inhabit the sixteen homes at Island Cohousing in West Tisbury are further united by the sharing of one large garden – primarily maintained… Continue

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The First Real Roooby Deal

Sarah Guppy graciously volunteered herself to be a Roooby guinea pig. Thank you Sarah.

And it worked!!

Sarah bought a Gubba gardening bag and kneel pad with the Rooobys she earned by supplying the Ooooby Stall.

It worked like this.

- Sarah brought along a… Continue

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Ellen Page lived in an eco-village and shovelled goat manure after appearing in 2007 movie 'Juno'.

Ellen Page loves shovelling goat manure.

The 22-year-old actress took time away from the spotlight after appearing in 2007 movie 'Juno' to deal with her newfound fame, and found completing… Continue

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