An Ooooby-perspective on Unleashing Auckland

I like Len brown what on earth possessed him to go with the Auckland Unleashed branding? Aaack!.

Anyway, i think there is a case for Oooobyists to put together a proposal to the city while it is up for public submission until May 31.

Consider this a starter for 10 rather than  anything coherent.

It starts here I think. You might also want to look at this The dying backyard dream

Notice that there is nothing here about food security or urban food production.

There's another key part of the puzzle that is being left out as far as i can see, and that is the great NZ demographic shift.

When pensions were first introduced only 4 per cent of the population was elderly. In 1934 the average woman could expect to live to 68. Now she can expect to live past 82.

In five years, 19 per cent of people would be of retirement age and costs such as superannuation and healthcare would place an impossible tax burden on the young, she said.

"No one really imagined a world where we would have 20 per cent of the population over the age of 65.

"By 2023 there will be more elderly than children. Then it's a short stop to having more deaths than births.

"Once your age structure turns upside down the potential for growth is gone."

Since growth is ending anyway, that isn't necessarily an problem, but having a city being built around endless growth IS a problem and we need to have something to say on that.

There are plenty of other points in the plan, both potentially positive and potentially negative from an Ooooby perspective, they take Peak Oil and Climate change as givens which is good, but then seem to narrow the focus to quickly to being business friendly rather that their stated aim of being a livable city. I'm starting to put some stuff up there but a thousand brains are better than one. You can join the discussion on Facebook.


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Comment by Ricardo Oscar Marques on May 15, 2011 at 9:38pm

Send me the submissions, I will copy and paste them

English is my second, so please send me whatever, I read, copy paste submit.

ITs the hardest issue from many.



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