Anybody with pain or immune conditions around Auckland that wants to try some free Magnet therapy in exchange for feedback?

 I have bought two of these kits: based on wanting more of a working knowledge of Magnet therapy based on previous feedback from magnetic underlays and bracelets.

You get the  whole kit free and book for 3 to 4 weeks (excluding liquid oxygen)  in exchange for feedback.

I prefer video or audio feedback and am gathering some inspiring files.

The procedure is often as simple as sticking one magnet to the inside and another on the outside of clothing.

Even if the magnets don't do it for you I have plenty of other pain and immune remedies you can try for no charge.

Just PM me if interested.



The magnet kit comes with a water magnetizer which you can use on plants.

I am just starting seed races to see for how simple this process might be.

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