I had great hopes for the garden this year and well I seem to be able to grow weeds well, but everything else is very slow. On the good side, meslun is growing well, along with the beetroot, the last of the winter cauliflowers have been picked. broad beans were patchy and snap peas died off as fast as it was growing. The tomatoes in the glass house are starting to flower. I still can't get lettuce to germinate. The sweetcorn is growing well and the beans seem to be happy, with pumpkins everywhere, also using the three sisters growing method. potatoes so far have been all top growth and nothing underneath. Gherkins and courgettes haven't grown much as all. Most successful at growing weeds.

The strawberries are doing well, though I would love to geT my hands on some old guttering to extend the strawberry bed. Apple trees are looking good as is the fejoia tree.

Elderflower champs tasted pretty good at Christmas, still have a few bottles left for New Years.

Starting to turn my thoughts to the winter garden to see if that will be a bit more successful.

I look around a veg gardens in Dunedin and they are all way ahead of mine.

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Comment by Kali on December 31, 2010 at 1:43pm
my weeds are doing great too :) I am having a big clean up today. lettuce seed has a short lifespan, so get some fresh, and don't sow them too deeply, you can just press them into the surface of a damp mix with a very light covering. they should be easy if those two things are good.


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