Well spring is nearly upon us and i have had a long wet winter with lots of flooding, and time to think ....

About a CSA, I have a hectare of land out in Ladbrooks and its been organically/biodynamicly managed for 7 years so it pretty nice earth. Susi Clear water was the last person to manage it and she handed it over to me earlier this year...and then it rained and rained and rained.

CSA comes in all shapes and sizes check out the multitude of CSA in the states for some ideas.

My CSA goes a little like this

I would like to offer shares :

A summer season which will start on the 15th of November until the 25th of April. That will be around 33 boxes of veges,

Extended seasons can be purchased to enable you to receive the winter storage vegetables.
I will keep share members posted as to how these crops are doing and when the season will end.

Shares are the equivalent of a $20 box of veges but i believe in abundance and when things are going right and you will reap the benefit which often turns into pesto and chutney, and soup. So be prepared to do some Ye olde home style cooking.

So how much is it going to cost and what is the payment scheme:

The full price of a CSA share is $660 payable up front;
however if this is difficult as i know it would be for me. I will offer a old school option. pay half up front so I can grow for you! and then the remainder every week you pick up veges.

NOW what am i wanting to grow? well i am very supportive of my community and i love fresh salads so i will be growing lots of greens pak choi, spinach silver beet, lettuce herbs wild and cultivated, but my soil is starting to suit root crops so lots of carrots and beetroot and parsnips for the winter and yams Florence fennel is delicious and onions are essential I already have lots of garlic in so a bit of that and then we get to the summer crops corn potatoes, tomatoes zucchini, all colors . I will try some capsicums but they didn't so so well last year the eggplants surprisingly did better but they got hail damaged and were gourmet small. every one loves fresh chillies so they get a look in.

I know I am missing broccoli cabbage cauliflower and the like they will get a look in you should expect one or to every other week but they are hard to grow when the pukekos start to roam.

I am having an open day in two weeks time where we are mulching a hectare i will post a time when I have finalized things.

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Comment by George Aorangi Stanley on July 27, 2010 at 8:54pm
hey Rowan, I'm looking for about 60 shareholders a share is about a 1-2 person in take of veges more if your a vegetarian or a Raw Vegan or a shared house etc i only have 1 hectare of land so i am giving my self some margins so no one starves.... now or in the future.

if you need any advice on starting a CSA feel free to contact me! I have been accumulating a bit of know it all know how on the subject the practicalities etc The more CSAs the better it is for us all.

keeping it green and edible
Comment by Rowan Campbell on July 27, 2010 at 2:43pm
Hi George, that looks like a great plan. I am afraid we aren't really very local at all but I am interested to know how many shareholders you are looking for (we are trying to support a new CSA around here)? I will mail this to my peeps in the South for their consideration.

Cheers Rowan

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