Tonight I enjoyed the longer daylight hours of spring and being able to wander down the garden to pick the vegetables for dinner. I chose Brussels Sprouts, which are really a borderline plant in our climate-it's not really cold enough for long enough.
The sprouts are starting to flower so they needed to be used. I'm pleased with the crop. It's quite a success for me.
I'd probably grow a few Brussels Sprouts plants again because we enjoy eating them.
I pulled a few carrots and some leeks, and a head of broccoli, that was also threatening to burst into flower if left another day.
Gary asked for some capsicums to go in his sauce and we were lucky to have a couple that have overwintered in pots in a hot sheltered spot.
As I strolled back with my harvest, I thought how much more pleasant it is to get my veges this way, instead of going out and buying them at a supermarket. I have the satisfaction of reaping the rewards from the process of growing my own food, some from seed, others from small plants I purchased. I've been involved in every stage and now I'm about to enjoy the results.
I love admiring the beauty and freshness of our homegrown vegetables. It's very pleasurable preparing them to eat and the parts that aren't eaten go straight back into the compost bucket to be returned to the soil eventually.

We ate our veges with organic chicken and enjoyed a delicious gourmet meal. Hooray for Ooooby!

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